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ꝺꜫꞅh̵Ɪꝕꞟ @deshipu

Looks like there is even more competition on the homebrew console market now. This one looks pretty nice: powerful and affordable.

And the best part is that the library I wrote for µGame should work on it without modifications.


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@deshipu This looks awesome! I love odroid stuff. Their hardware is very good and well thought out.

Do you think circuitpython could run on this?

@kelbot There is no CircuitPython port for the ESP32 as of yet (but it is planned eventually), but there are at least two popular ports of MicroPython for it -- the official one, and Loboris fork. The latter is especially interesting, because it has support for the 4MB SPI RAM chip that is present on those board, giving you the resources much needed for graphics.

@deshipu Oh cool. I may pick one up with that price being so low. I could play games at first and the possibility to tinker with python on it in the future.

Countdown until they receive a cease and desist order from Disney or Google for their use of DROID... (?)

@uranther ODROID exists with that name for quite a long time already (in fact, this device celebrates their 10th anniversary), and so far didn't get any cease and desists, as far as I know. They sell single board computers and Android devices. It might be related to the fact that they are in Korea, which has different laws, but also to the fact that "Android" and "ODROID" are really completely different names.