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I realized that I never wrote my , so here it goes.

I'm a Python programmer working on open source. After hours I do whatever is my current obsession, so far I have gone through: , , , , , miniature , and music, , walking , , , , , , homebrew game handhelds.

I love and (no patience to watch tv/shows).

Isn't it funny that the people from which Unix most desperately tries to protect me, local users, are the people I trust most, and there are practically zero protection mechanisms from the people who are the greatest threat, like software vendors and remote users? I wonder if it's because it comes from the USA academic background, where your worst enemies are your colleagues?

When in deadly danger,
When beset by doubt,
Run in little circles,
Wave your arms and shout.

How about a communist Mario, where you go to the left instead of right?

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Happy 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century!

Your emergency mode has further emergency modes. It's turtles all the way down. And you only ever notice that you were in an emergency mode when you leave it.

I went ahead and ordered it. In two weeks I will be cursing trying to solder those LEDs by hand.

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I left the middle of the Kamina keyboard empty, with just some pin headers to connect additional modules, mostly as a ruse to prevent myself from overengineering it. I was thinking I can then make a whole bunch of different modules with knobs, joysticks, lighting, extra keys, or even a display. Last night I couldn't sleep, so I went back to this idea and designed a module. But you can only use one module at a time, so I put everything on it. A Knob, a joystick, two buttons and LED backlight.

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Another night I couldn't sleep, and so there are some updates to the PCB. Version three has two pads for an optional battery on the back, and an optional footprint for a power switch (you have to cut a trace). The pads are not really fitting to any particular battery holder, I just placed them where there was space, I will probably need to use a piece of wire to adapt to a specific holder.

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The Keychron K3 arrived today. Feels weird somehow, a bit like a typewriter with those blue optical switches.

There is no Ins, but there is PrintScr, I guess I will have to remap.

Reading a popsci article about super-intelligent AIs. Getting to the mention of Asimov's laws of robotics. Closing the tab.

Prehistory did not end when history started. It's still going.

Why do people love passive-aggressive robots so much?

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