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I realized that I never wrote my , so here it goes.

I'm a Python programmer working on open source. After hours I do whatever is my current obsession, so far I have gone through: , , , , , miniature , and music, , walking , , , , , , homebrew game handhelds.

I love and (no patience to watch tv/shows).

I wonder how difficult it would be to make a replacement main board for the original G1 phone, but with a modern processor. It was a great phone, and I would love to be able to still use it.

What's the point of all this data harvesting and click tracking, if you can't even detect a 404 link on your front page?

Personally I travel with my smartphone, a separate MP3 player, a separate e-book reader, and a separate hand-held game console. Mostly because I'm paranoid about depleting my phone's battery and being stuck in a strange country without maps or any means to communicate.

Remember how smartphones were supposed to be the killers of portable game consoles? Why would you need a separate device, when your phone already has more games you could possibly play, for free, and all the emulators for all the existing consoles on top of that?

And yet here we are, with at least 5 different new "retro" game consoles announced just this year. Could it be that just as the Personal Computer is morphing into a phone, TV set, tablet, PDA and laptop, so is the smartphone differentiating?

Beware of People with a Mission, they will destroy everything around them, including themselves.

It's amazing how many people are there eager to explain me how to program ethically.

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Plus, when busy on a secret project you look like you don't work on anything, which brings guilt and shame.

Secret projects are difficult. It's hard to keep yourself motivated without sharing your progress and getting feedback, and when you finally finish and the project is revealed, you don't really have time for it anymore because you work on the next thing already.

Got the PCB for my super-low-profile mechanical designed today. You'd think that switches sunken into the PCB to give you those extra 1.6mm will be easy, but it turns out that routing traces around a PCB full of holes is not trivial. Also, no room for an USB socket, so I will have a cable attached. The microcontroller is SAMD21 in QFN48 package — enough pins for the 5×15 matrix, plus one extra for the CapsLock LED (doubling as status). Laptop-like layout with 69 keys. Kailh chocolate switches.

Looks like UK is now sending to the moon one of my robots. How did they get it? They must be spying on me!

(Left—UK moon robot, center—robots I made 4 years ago, right—newest version of my robot.)

I have an idea. Let's not have any more of those bad ideas, okay? Only solid good ideas from now on.

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