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I realized that I never wrote my , so here it goes.

I'm a Python programmer working on open source. After hours I do whatever is my current obsession, so far I have gone through: , , , , , miniature , and music, , walking , , , , , , homebrew game handhelds.

I love and (no patience to watch tv/shows).

All she hoped for was fear, but what she actually got was respect.

Energy is expensive, so there is a pretty good correlation between the price of food and the energy spent on making, transporting and storing it, which in turn is pretty well correlated with its carbon footprint.

That means that, if you really care about this planet, you should only eat cheap mass-produced processed food, with artificial flavoring and preservatives, and not fresh organic avocados that will go bad next day if they don't sell, and bananas that have been refrigerated on the way to you.

Ever since Python 3, every Python upgrade is a 2 to 3 upgrade.

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@deshipu I like to think of it like the orks built a society out of war were as every other faction abandoned their society to make war.

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Have you ever noticed how all the Warhammer 40k texts go into meticulous details about the ork society, but completely ignore that topic for all the other armies? It's like orks are the only race that actually has a society.

The Pareto principle works about 80% of the time.

If the kind of porn you watch really affects your fetishes, then all the Japanese should be huge fans of pixelart. Hmmm... 🤔

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Oh, awesome. @Tutanota are using a reputation based RBL, which means that my self-hosted mail server can't send email there. (And helpfully, the URL I get back to look for more info is a 404... doubly awesome).

If you want to fight for email privacy, a terrific way to do that is to push people towards big email hosters who have the reputation for these blocklists, and will definitely not mine your email for data to sell. </sarcasm>

Are there for left-handed people with the whole layout mirrored?

Would you rather fight someone you despise or someone you respect?

For everyone who is wondering whether it is moral to kill monsters in computer games: it is, by definition.

A "monster" is someone or something that is outside morality, that is an exception. That is what the word means.

Now, you can instead wonder if it's really monsters you are killing, but that is a separate topic.

Fish are low-fat, right?

*eats herrings in oil*

— Why do you suspect you are short-sighted?
— I have trouble clearly seeing things that are at a large distance.
— Can you see that yellow thing there in the sky?
— You mean the sun? Of course I can!
— What do you exactly mean by "large distance"?

Every time in the last 3 years when I get back home from a conference I tell myself that I'm too old for this and that this was the last time. And here I am again.

This is a test of the emergency broadcat service. The current emergency level is [object Object]. Thank you for your attention.

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