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I realized that I never wrote my , so here it goes.

I'm a Python programmer working on open source. After hours I do whatever is my current obsession, so far I have gone through: , , , , , miniature , and music, , walking , , , , , , homebrew game handhelds.

I love and (no patience to watch tv/shows).

I should be angry that the market for homebrew game consoles is getting so crowded, but instead I can't help squeeing seeing this beautiful design.

I also love how they contracted actual game developers to make actual games, instead of counting on the community to make them for free, or including an emulator like most others.

The 400x240 reflective screen looks beautiful, and the whole thing is really well designed. I hope it will be an open platform.

While reading an article about the "maker" community, this one sentence "we can't really go more than a day without seeing an amazing new project" struck me as completely false. It's not like that for me.

Most projects I see are poor rehashes of what's been done a million times before. A small percentage might have added some aesthetic value. Rare few show large amount of time and labor being spent. Practically none show skill or actually useful ideas. That includes my own projects.

What's wrong with me?

Something simple for a change: an adapter that lets you use your D1 Mini shields with your ItsyBitsy.

Today we ask designers to do in a few days, in their heads, from scratch, what has normally been done over hundreds of years by generations of professionals. No wonder it sucks.

In fact, I'm amazed at the power of the tools and knowledge we have developed to even make this possible.

Crazy paint scheme idea: what if Harlequins developed a virus that converted Necrons to the cult of the Laughing God, and have them decorate themselves in the style of Día de los Muertos?

In which I make a "chip on the shoulder" joke. Anyways, should be ready to paint now.

Had you hired that person and made them work in your open space, distracted by office politics, given responsibilities but no power, no opportunities to grow and a bad manager, they would do as bad as the person you hired in their place.

I see a lot of recruiters saying "we didn't hire that person, and they had a huge success in a different company, we should have hired them". Which is all kinds of wrong.
It's not like success is something that's hidden inside a person that you can somehow detect while sifting through thousands of candidates, discarding the ones that don't have it.
Success is all about the chances that person has been given, the motivation, the teamwork, the mentoring, the trust, the resources — not some hidden talent.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and try the . Got myself the core book and a starter with five . I was torn between Astra Militarum, Orks and Necrons, but then I found that there are no longer any Krieg models in this edition, and a team of only Gretchin wouldn't be feasible, so that left Necrons. I spent the weekend cleaning and gluing everything together. Here are the primed minis ready for painting. I'm thinking about Maynarkh Dynasty color scheme, or maybe something unique.

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why does English spelling suck?

"As noted earlier, in the 16th century, some scholars of Greek and Latin literature tried to make English words look more like their Graeco-Latin counterparts, at times even erroneously. They did this by adding silent letters, so det became debt, dout became doubt, sithe became scythe, iland became island, ake became ache, and so on.[7][8] Some spelling reformers propose undoing these changes. "


Ugh, I have an accumulation of several failures, plus bad weather, plus stress at work, and I entered a fight-or-flight mode. Only just realized that, though. Time to scrap some projects and take a break.

I need all this power to represent all those people who I'm taking the power away from!

Video games for years were the main driving force for improved computer hardware. The only people who needed top of the line hardware were 3D graphics professionals and players.

Microcomputers were officially marketed for a variety of uses, mostly for running home finances, but they were mostly used for playing video games.

iPhone's original popularity was mostly due to the fact that it was the only handheld game console that you could expense.

This is a simple adapter board that lets you use all those D1 Mini shields with the Adafruit Itsy Bitsy boards.

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