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Spam en mi correo:

"Hola, querida víctima.

Te escribo porque puse un ʍalware en la página
Ƿorno que has visitado.
Mi virus grabó toda tu información y encendió tu
cámara web la cual capturó el proceso de tu ʍasturbación.

Debo admitir que eres muy Ƿervertido..."

"Si no envías el pago dentro de las próximas 48 horas,
enviaré este vίdeo a todos tus amigos y socios.
Sé dónde vives."

Me pide 1000 euros

ains... que cosas!

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NoScript is annoying because you have to play whack-a-mole with some sites to get something to work (since they use so damn many obscure off-site script crap) but then turning off NoScript is also annoying because of all the annoying crap sites throw at you.

Using NoScript wins in any case, but it's still bad that it has to be this way. Sites should either use their own damn scripts, or stop bombarding us with garbage just to see their content.

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Server hardening–some people install arbitrary security software to "harden" their server.

Hardening is about removing/disabling functions, accounts, services etc., not about installing random packages.

Basic hardening tips:
– install a minimal operating system + firewall
– regularly update your OS
– remove/disable unused packages, interfaces, services
– secure and monitor your log files
– backups!

Tools like Lynis suggest more tips that need careful consideration.

#lynis #hardening #infosec

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Your choice of operating system is a moral choice. Choosing to use a Linux distribution is basically like choosing to support local businesses.

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