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DennisSylvesterHurd πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Okay, I no longer watch many music videos, but how come I had never seen Coldplay's The Scientist video until today?

Must be my age or something. I'm looking up at the clouds and thinking how miraculous it is to have water vapor suspended in the atmosphere, ready to dump rain on places which otherwise would have just barren earth.

Devices ready. Fight for control of the Chromecast begins.

Alright, I finished season 2 of West World. Now I just wish I knew how it ended.

My partner is like a.Roomba when grocery shopping. He takes a sort of random path but hits every inch of the place if given enough time.

@DialMforMara In Dutch, the idiom for cats purring is that they spin.

Commercial air travel is pretty awesome despite the trials and tribulations of security nowadays.


Our Asus UX360 does make an excellent travel PC. It is more than at home in my backpack's back pocket.

People cannot truly appreciate home until they have left and returned.