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DennisSylvesterHurd ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

It's a journal; it can contain silly journal daily entries. Over the course of nearly 15 years the picture seems a bit fuller.


@vickylai A podcast creator should be a little more respectful towards its listeners. Books have used chapters for centuries. That allows a reader to PAUSE but in a suitable place. If the material is inspiring or should a reader find enough time, they can do as many 'chapters' as they wish in one sitting.

I wish more good, educational podcasts were structured to a 10-minute format. A lot can be said in that timeframe. I don't have a full hour, or even a half, to devote to some of the ones I'd love to follow!

Jusr watched Human Highway (1982) by Neil Young but I'm not sure what I just saw.

There are times when it's good to add an online review for a product. It's only if you can add new information.


Pride is quite an accomplishment. It was evident in Vancouver's parade today. Many places have never achieved such inclusiveness and it's easy to see some great nations stumbling.


Watched Cronenberg's Videodrome for the first time. It must have been on Internet's Channel 83. I can tell it's going to be showing more Cronenberg ...