Found this interesting browser called Basilisk, I was keen on using it along with Waterfox, but only problem is its build on Firefox 52. Quite old.

Trying out Mass Debate mode for the first time on Carmageddon Max Damage. Coincidently the first ped to be run over by me is Donald Trump on a bicycle, right at the starting line.

Stainless Games can say whatever they want to about Carmageddon TDR 2000, I can see the TDR influence in Carmageddon Max Damage while playing.

Whilst 6 brave activists are peacefully protesting out at sea, on land thousands of people from across the world are calling on Oreo to drop dirty palm oil. Join over a million people that already have >>

I had a weird thought just now. What if were to buy out Electronic Arts? They actually deserve each other.

I like how the range of Simple Apps by Tibor Kaputa allow you to change the color of the icons and interface.

These are my everyday apps, only four apps are from Yalp Store. The rest is from F-Droid.

First time using a MacBook Pro today, 2012 version apparently. My first thoughts was why does it take so long to boot.

I moved from TinyWall to SimpleWall because I wanted a firewall which asks the user what needs to be blocked or allowed. Now I found out that SimpleWall has been blocking my cloud saves and achievements in GOG Galaxy without telling me. So now I rolled back to my old and trusted monitoring tool called Netlimiter 3, everything is working perfectly now. WTH, Comodo Firewall also didn't help and neither did GlassWire.

Google is adding a VPN to Project Fi later this week. It will only be available for Android Pie, and will be "beta".

As an alternative, if you don't want the cell carriers reading your data, Orbot can act as a (better) VPN alternative.

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This thing called ASMR doesn't have any effect on me.

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We have greatly simplified and clarified the Downloads page, separating out mirrors into a separate Wiki page that makes maintenance easier.

We think we have maintained the integrity of incoming links, but people should check.

The new ISO page:

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@tuxcrafting the best way to be secure is to not use a computer

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Russia: Now everyone who uses a messaging app must be identifiable

New decree means messaging services will have to check users' registration data with their mobile operator.


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Friendly reminder that if you use Discord, not only are you using malware, you're encouraging other people to use malware via the network effect and you should feel ashamed of yourself.
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