Life is all about wasting time and wasting money.

@itnewsbot this is the 2nd time my details have been comprimised.

@itnewsbot My brother had a PC that kept losing an hour of time, regardless which time zone or DST on or off. Eventually found the problem, faulty CMOS battery. are these files then kept on the instance.

@L00pesth3r me thinks I'm better off without the update. Who know, maybe it gives them more leverage.

@amolith I replaced almost all of my apps with f-droid alternatives. Only my banking and crypto exchange is from Yalp Store, Yalp is an alternative Play Store.

@metawolf there might be a delay on the update because its network dependent, I waited 2 weeks for my Oreo Beta update on a Nokia 2.

@gudenau Google likes being innovative and a douche at the sametime.

@aaronscientiae My system did this today but eventually the watermark went away.

@fefe you can disable all unused apps also, improves speed and battery life.

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