@FssOfDeath I ought to try at least. I rarely eat veggies, but a sudden change mind has convinced me to make the move.

@wizard Skyrim got me into medieval-style games. Maybe I should try Oblivion and Morrowind.

@bencman murky indeed. It seems like its becoming more alienated as it advances to higher levels.

@ZephyrZ80 @exu1981 Its going to be a huge cause for concern beyond our imagination, and I think Google is going to grab a big part of it.

@DuckDuckGo Twitter does also list personal traits as categories. Interest like science, technology, cooking.

@ChrisWere Dear reader of this here toot. Take up the cross of deletionism and delete thine Facebook if thee still possess it.

@ramichaelseidlitz Interesting, but let's wait for their findings first, if it will be published.

@fdroidorg Newpipe works perfect, but it seems to break now and then, probably because Youtube made some changes to the site.

@leon_allen I noticed that Facebook and Twitter opens up faster on Chromium than Firefox.

@jonw @fdroidorg The mobicel you can probably check on their site Mobicel.co.za, but whether they will ship to Canada is another question. Amazon US doesn't ship to RSA.

@jonw @fdroidorg sorry, correction. Not locally made but locally designed.

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