Interesting piece of software called XScreenSaver, need I say confirmed? Download at @fdroidorg, plenty more animated wallpapers and daydreams to choose from.

You have to experience slow before you can appreciate fast. Running Lubuntu on less than 512mb RAM isn't gonna get you very far. General OS tasks runs fine, lots of swapfile activity trying to launch TOR Browser.

New addition to F-droid, it scan apps for trackers. I'm no coder but it seems you can view the code of each tracker as shown below.

Found another new browser called NAVER Whale, based on Chromium. Built in South Korea, not sure if it send any info to Google though. But I suppose so.

Picked up these games for an absolute bargain, it reminded me of the good old days of gaming, no achievements, no DRM, lots of disc swapping, reading the manual booklets and best of all, downloading and installing the latest patches from the developer site.

These are my everyday apps, only four apps are from Yalp Store. The rest is from F-Droid.

I like it when games break. Quickly snapped this while a game running in WINE reloading a level, it looks so awesome so I made it my wallpaper. Can anyone guess what game this is? No hints.

Both Play Services and Play Store knows what apps you are using, when, where, duration and orientation since it has access to body sensors also. What else do they have access to?

what the heck is this? Why do you want to know which users disabled or not?

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