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" #Google is secretly using hidden web pages that feed the personal data of its users to advertisers, undermining its own policies and circumventing #EU #privacy regulations that require consent and transparency, according to one of its smaller rivals."

I'd be surprised if I get a GOG Galaxy Beta invite by Christmas Time.

Donald Trump talks shit about Bitcoin on Twitter, causes it to slide.

I keep forgetting to check my emails and when I do no beta invite to GOG Galaxy 2.0.


This system has diverted our consciousness away from the earthly glory and made us question the very things which keeps us alive.

I wonder how long the glorious and supreme PC Master Race will last with Google Stadia being around.

This website has been immeasurably useful to me for many years, it's a must for every person who likes older games and uses a wide panel for gaming.

I'm so excited for GOG Galaxy 2.0, found this German video on how it looks like and how it works.

Ever experienced a Chromebook before? What a piece of junk. Proprietary as hell. I hate it.

You can spend time privatizing your phone with FOSS apps and what else, at the end of the day your phone becomes your enemy.

Ziggurat GOG Edition also runs quite well via the latest WiNE for Ubuntu 18.04, so does the first installment of F.E.A.R. The GOG Galaxy Snap is quite buggy but working. Too bad my system is not fast enough to record a few gameplay videos.

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