I'm so excited for GOG Galaxy 2.0, found this German video on how it looks like and how it works. youtube.com/watch?v=SpFQLaSrmh

Ever experienced a Chromebook before? What a piece of junk. Proprietary as hell. I hate it.

You can spend time privatizing your phone with FOSS apps and what else, at the end of the day your phone becomes your enemy. nokia.com/phones/en_int/privac

Ziggurat GOG Edition also runs quite well via the latest WiNE for Ubuntu 18.04, so does the first installment of F.E.A.R. The GOG Galaxy Snap is quite buggy but working. Too bad my system is not fast enough to record a few gameplay videos.

No replies since yesterday, so the game featured in my screenshot is the GOG Edition of F.E.A.R running on the latest WiNE for Ubuntu 18.04. I haven't fully tested it yet, but it runs fast and almost flawless except for this one time I restarted the game engine.

GOG.com apparently uses Inno Setup to package their games for download. jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php

I like it when games break. Quickly snapped this while a game running in WINE reloading a level, it looks so awesome so I made it my wallpaper. Can anyone guess what game this is? No hints.

Here's a rant. Interesting how Google makes all the default application icons blue in Oreo, one of the main improvements in Oreo is a built-in blue light filter. Much wow doge.

Don't you think one ought to able to choose your rom like you choose your distro? Only is standing in the way.

It seem my handle and profile scares people, you have nothing to fear but big corps like , and .

Any electronic device capable of reading based file systems is subceptible to the spreading of malware.

I'm wondering whether making your background a blank black wallpaper would save battery power. The biggest culprit is the touch screen itself, drawing about 30% of power from the battery.

Capitalist system is rigged, so is a Communist one. Over here we have both.

Copts, a Christian minority that make up 10 percent of Egypt's 97 million people, have been repeatedly targeted by IS in recent years t.co/fjsUOZ7Phr


BREAKING: To honor its dirty deal with the Trump administration to extradite Assange, Ecuador's Attorney General slates deliberately going to binding international arbitration, then "losing", so it will be forced to hand him over. Utterly shameless. t.co/28q8LYP3tM


I've been playing Carmageddon Max Damage for a while now. Pretty boring up until I unlocked Screwie Lewie's Twister, upgraded to Level 3 parts. Also, for some strange reason I keep thinking the MagnaChem processing plant looks like Mountain Dew, the soft drink.

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