What programming language/framework would you choose to implement a relatively simple CRUD application with a HTTP and HTML interface that should run for the next 30 years with minimal maintenance?

The requirements of the application are pretty stable. There probably will be bugs to fix and minor features to add.

I'm thinking of a real application that has been running for the last 25 years (rewrite in 2016) and imho is a vital piece of Internet infrastructure.

Just a little thought experiment...

@clacke @pukkamustard

I was looking for something to help me make transcripts from spoken-word audio (eg, podcasts and the like).

Turns out Debian et al have in their repos a program called "transcriber" written in tcl/tk. it's like a fly caught in amber. The project supposedly did a port to GTKmumble but that apparently didn't survive the churn. So we still have the tcl/tk version & it still works for typing words that go with the air wiggles, even if visually it offends current fashion sense.

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@deejoe @pukkamustard I've heard that Tk these days allows making applications that don't look like 1990s Motif, but I haven't looked into it.
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