Third vehicle stolen since the start of the pandemic. Let's get it back. 2017 Electra Amsterdam. It's a heavy bitch so it's not going fast.

🔁 requested.




if you were in Amsterdam, good luck finding it based on appearance

but in Tulsa? Just a guess from my time in ... lots of US cities ... it ought to really stand out.

@deejoe Probably would have cost a little less in NL as well.

@deejoe As far as I can tell, there's 6 other Amsterdams in Tulsa, mine's the newest one by basically the entire production run being among the last made, and 4 of them are heavily customized and also in this neighborhood, belonging to employees of TU.

@deejoe So it would stand out as a basically stock Amsterdam.


and thus it's a hell of a sensible ride, so I hope you get it back


barring that, that whoever ends up with it appreciates what they've got

@deejoe I'd also find "mangled, but the moron who stole it died slowly and painfully after getting hit by a motorist" acceptable. But I am pretty tired of getting fucked over every three weeks for two years straight right now.

@deejoe I'm mostly this pissed because of how many times it's happened and it's fucking with my ability to feed and house my family at this point.

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