if we build software that doesn't scale, that's okay because our communities are small, and it means the megas can't use it


I like this idea, but also have trouble reconciling it, on the upstream side, with needing scale for the things on which we build, and on the downstream side of needing scale to be accessible and inclusive.

maybe there are different kinds of scaling that help resolve this?

@deejoe I'm not sure how not scaling to, say, thousands of users reduces accessibility, except that it requires more instances to be set up?

there's a premise that some people hold that accessibility requires centralization, but i don't agree with that.



I'm thinking not about numbers alone, but about the composition. In the best case of assuming even distribution across a user base, a small community is going to have less diversity of experience, ability, & background. This then applies all the more to the development & operations components of that community, too. You can try to accomodate, develop for, and in general support people who aren't yet part of your community but that's not going to be the same as having those folks in it.

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