"... blockers will definitely not block advertisements that are completely integrated with the content that you wanted to open, but when that sort of thing happens, it means that the author of the content knew about what they were advertising, instead of just having a banner ad automatically stuck to their page. Figuring out if you can trust the author of the web page that you opened is something you had to do anyway."


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Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

Have you stretched recently? Do it now. It will help.

Because what you love to see on a payment processor's confirmation page is not just un-silenced PHP warnings but warnings about using a function that will be deprecated in PHP 4.3. 🤦‍♂️

I'm still amazed there are people whose job it is to make websites (yeah yeah or apps) that have not read A Dao of Web Design or Responsive Web Design



@drgs100 Consistently shit is a much lower cognitive overhead than trying to remember what's shit and what's not.

Four years ago I drew these - admittedly rather snarky - diagrams to explain to a friend/colleague my issues with front end frameworks and I haven't really seen any meaningful progress on this front.

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I'd say that it's not JavaScript frameworks per-se that are the problem, it's more that the big name front end frameworks we have simply aren't good as frameworks when compared to established back end frameworks like Django and Rails.

This is compounded by the front end frameworks being used in lots of situations they aren't suited for.

But, then again, they aren't clear about what they are suited for so there is a vicious circle...

"This webapp could have been a few progressively enhanced forms."

Is my new:

"This meeting could have been an email."

A seven year old line of Backbone has just gone pop because of a change to the underlying HTML.

@jkb Once you're up and running the Django docs are good, I rely heavily on them: docs.djangoproject.com/en/3.0/

@jkb The Django Girls course is really good: tutorial.djangogirls.org/

I helped out at a workshop a few years ago and as someone with years of Django experience I was impressed with how well it was written.

Yes, my branch name does end `wq`.

No, I didn't notice it before creating the pull request.

I’ve written a basic intro on how to read RSS in 2020, with some recommendations for feed readers.

(I started writing this a few weeks ago, but now might just be a great time to curate the news you want, and filter out the needlessly overwhelming stuff.)


@drgs100 I do two spaces after a full stop because I learned to type on a mechanical typewriter where that is the appropriate thing to do. I wear that badge with pride.

To JavaScript! The cause of and solution to all the web's problems.

It's been several years since I last had to work extensively with JavaScript build tooling and the main thing I notice is that whilst lots of the tech is different the documentation is still very much "how to draw an owl."

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