Fariphone have released a new camera module for the Fairphone 3 allowing you to upgrade from a 12MP camera to a 48MP camera. (You fit it yourself using the screwdriver that came with the phone.)


Four years ago I drew these - admittedly rather snarky - diagrams to explain to a friend/colleague my issues with front end frameworks and I haven't really seen any meaningful progress on this front.

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To JavaScript! The cause of and solution to all the web's problems.

It's been several years since I last had to work extensively with JavaScript build tooling and the main thing I notice is that whilst lots of the tech is different the documentation is still very much "how to draw an owl."

Actual historical Nazis 

Turns out @sanjayuvacha - a high profile Indian anti-Nazi lawyer - got his account suspended by Twitter for using this iconic 1936 photo of August Landmesser refusing to Hitlergruß as his profile background.


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At @openrightsgroup Scotland and it's nice to see flyers for a number of technologies I routinely use.

☑️ Privacy Badger
☑️ Duck Duck Go
☑️ Firefox
☑️ NoScript
☑️ Tor

Well, if you are going to make things required fields then I'm going to amuse myself.

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