I like using git, its not easy to learn but it mostly makes sense to me. However last night I tried to simulate Git-flow workflow and I hit a wall of cognitive exhaustion.

@drgs100 Git-flow is definitely everything and the kitchen sink in terms of a workflow but it's one where once you achieve enlightenment with it you are then in a position to understand what you need from your own process - probably only a fraction of it but you will know what fraction.


@decadecity Just found out it has its own toolset. I like it and would use but not sure if the team is ready for it. Also we need to deploy to two different sites so looking for examples of how to manage that.


@drgs100 If you have two sites I'd say the best way to manage that is have the same code deployed to each (e.g. main branch) but have a different config file for each one. Trying to have a branch for each one will mean that the branches get out of sync but the config files are easier to keep in sync. (Especially if you have them inherit from a base config with all the shared settings.)

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