"Why did you use jQuery instead of <other lib>? We try to avoid jQuery as much as possible."

This is a PR comment on a single line of vanilla JavaScript code.


So in this team hotfix branches stay open, master is not what's in prodution, "backend" means database and "website" means backend, version numbers have no semantics, Git Flow is a piece of software, and jQuery means JavaScript.


After all it's fine, my work is billed by the hour not by the result. The client and their employees can waste my time as much as they please and I won't challenge anything. This is nos my company, this is not my project, my instructions are "go there and do as you're told for eight hours a day for the next six month" and that's exactly the plan I'm sticking to.

I guess that's the best part of being a consultant.



@jkb That's why the consultant's motto is "smile and bill".

@decadecity I'm kind of new to this world, my previous jobs were all in very small tight-knit teams where everyone had to know about everything and be very proactive to get shit done. This is my third week here, usually by then I would have fixed the build and deploy system, added critical monitoring, and written a dozen wiki pages, most of this outside office hours.

@jkb It does sound like your current is particularly bad but maintaining that "time => money" distance is a valid coping strategy in situations like that. Someone I knew on a particularly mind numbing gig had written an app that sat in his status bar and counted up the money he was earning in real time 💸

@decadecity In my situation it's easier because I'm not a freelancer, I'm an employee at a consulting company. This means I'm getting paid no matter what, even between missions or if the client goes belly-up.

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