Vinyl collection had just been enriched with a limited edition of Street Bangerz Volume 10 by Moderator.

Shipping will start in "only" 22 weeks from now.

Those who speak more than one language, which one do you use for an inner speech?

Recently noticed, that my crafty mind prefers one over another depending on the topic. Wondering, if a will to use the best fitting tool can be called laziness?

Integration of a tests orchestrator with Slack led me to a cool UI builder for message templates:

Wondering if Mattermost provides something similar?

Just upgraded my Tumbleweed to Gnome 42 🎉

Lots of tiny delightful interface changes. Native support of dark mode! And it actually feels more responsive, perhaps due to reduced input latency.

As usually, nearly half of the shell extensions are disabled because of incompatibility 😐 But that's fine, they will catch up in a couple of weeks.

Etsy is going to close my shop, only because I'm currently living in Belarus.

Is there any alternative to Etsy for the seller?

Tried OpenBazaar some time ago, but now it looks abandoned.

Some excerpts from their mail:
> Today, your Etsy shop will be suspended.
> On April 4, you’ll no longer be able to access
> Please know that our thoughts are with you and your loved ones during this difficult time.

While receiving Birthday congratulations, one might conclude what other people think is important for you.

Благодарю! @jahait

Потребовалось некоторое время, чтобы послушать предложенное.

Понравилось практически всё. Пусть и не каждый выпуск, но регулярно попадается что-то интересное.

На данный момент чаще других слушаю Радио-Т, Подлодка и DevZen.

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There is a small Nespresso coffee machine in my office. Before ordering a new batch of capsules team makes a quick survey on preferred tastes.

It was the first time when majority voted for various sorts of decaffeinated coffee.

Right, we purchased the coffee machine to not drink a coffee 😁

Celebration of 5th anniversary of Natatnik was held in an ethnic estate located in national park.

Apart from excellent pastime, finally got a chance to capture winter landscapes.

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The problem with Medium is that it’s full of people for whom being read is more important than writing.

Blew the dust off my Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO. Enjoying recently delivered "Tenet" Blu-ray: complete immersion!

None of the Bluetooth headphones I possessed provided at least similar experience.

Появилось свободное время в пути ежедневно, хотел бы послушать . Порекомендуйте по своему вкусу?

Интересующие темы: архитектура ПО, интернет вещей, радиоэлектроника, компьютерные и настольные игры, бег и бодибилдинг.

Языки: русский, английский, немецкий, испанский.


A gift from a friend of mine: calendar with Belarusian historically notable characters exerted influence on national identity forming.
The title translates as "Heroes of Belarus".

Just received an exclusive 7" vinyl from Emika! Track list is picked by us and first one begins with a greeting addressed specifically to me and my wife.
Splendid continuation of a delightful evening.

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