In the 32 years since the first report by the IPCC, emissions of CO2 have gone up by 60 percent.

During a time when we could not plead ignorance, we made more change to the climate than during the entire prior history of humanity. Here’s a graph of the last 400,000 years of global temperature, CO2, and sea level.

Congress gave the regulating authority (the EPA) the power to make regulations and now the Court says that they must be made by Congress. The Environmental Protection Agency's job is right in the name.

It's not possible for our GOP-gridlocked and largely scientifically ignorant Congress to handle this. We've had a House member, Louie Gohmert, ask an official if we could alter the orbit of the earth to combat climate warming. He really asked that. How can people who don't understand 9th grade physics make laws regulating complicated science and technology? We need the EPA.

The Supreme Court Is Making America Ungovernable:

The Supreme Court has become a highly partisan institution which has no accountability to anyone but themselves.

Lifetime appointments made sense in the late 1700s when the Constitution was written and judges rarely lived beyond their 60s. Now, with judges living into their 80s and 90s, we have an incredibly powerful branch of government which is totally out of touch with the American people but will be unchanged for a generation.

The Supreme Court and the Electoral College both desperately need reform if democracy is to survive. Term limits for the Supreme Court is a good start.

AP-NORC poll: 2 in 3 in US favor term limits for justices-

When I can’t sleep, I close my eyes and count conservative supreme court justices falling into a volcano.

I really like the helix editor, it feels like a super well curated selection of the lessons to learn from vim, spacemacs, and VSCode.

Welp, that's it folks. Goodbye.

Congo to Auction Land to Oil Companies: ‘Our Priority Is Not to Save the Planet’

The Republicans, including the politicians who make up the majority of the Supreme Court, know that their electoral prospects in the U.S. are increasingly precarious.

They cannot win national elections fair and square, so they are determined to ram through schemes that enable them to cheat and ensure permanent rule by a minority. Essentially, the Republicans on the Court and in the legislatures have given up on democracy and decided to embrace authoritarianism.

But the question is: will the majority give up and let this happen? Will most people just not bother to vote anymore? The Republicans seem more than willing to roll the dice on this course of action, at the risk of provoking a civil war. I doubt the majority will stand for this forever.

Maybe we show up and vote Republicans further out. Take it as a challenge to overcome this bullshit.

Globally, 49 % of pregnancies are unintended— modern birth control access alone would reduce maternal deaths & abortions but Republicans don’t want that either.

This opinion piece has a lot of other startling statistics. Please read it. #AbortionIsHealthcare #ElectDemocrats

"toxic masculinity isn't real"

my brother in christ toxic masculinity almost singlehandedly caused the crash of Pinnacle Airlines flight 3701

I can choose not to read a book. I can begin reading a book and stop. I can complete a book, reflect on it and reject it. I can complete a book, reflect on it and embrace it. I can complete a book, reflect on it and remain curious or ambiguous.

Young people can do the same. People who don’t want to read these books can simply not read them. People who don’t want me to read them need to mind their own business. People who don't want my child to read a particular book in school can definitely mind their own business.

I'm glad to see a group of young people pushing back on these ridiculous attempts at righteousness. Books are a valuable service to young people. They help them find out they're not alone. And if you're doing your job as a parent, a thought or a word isn't going to ruin your kid's life.

Support and find out more about this effort here:

Texas youth read banned books at summer camp-

The evidence that our system doesn't reflect the people's wishes continues to pile up.

Presidents who lose the popular vote by wide margins; gerrymandered Congressional delegations completely out of whack with population; a Senate that gives veto power to 41 senators representing about 20 percent of the people; and a Supreme Court dominated by minority-installed justices.

These are no longer occasional anomalies--they are constant conditions that, to those in the frustrated majority, make our system feel less and less legitimate. And each problematic condition perpetuates and exacerbates itself and the others.

Jamelle Bouie has great ideas here. Our democracy would indeed be a little healthier if the vote of a Seattle Republican mattered as much for the outcome of a presidential election as that of a Green Bay Democrat.

Opinion | There’s a Reason Trump Could Try to Overturn the Results of the 2020 Election-
The Electoral College makes a coup very tempting.

"When danger reared it's ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes brave Josh Hawley turned about, and gallantly he chickened out."

It must be wild to work on a consumer facing product like the #AppleWatch that's broken into the realm of health monitoring on a major scale, then to see stories like this where actual lives were saved.

That's so wild.

A brief history of capitalists whining “nobody wants to work anymore” except they left out the “for starvation wages” part.

BookWyrm is a federated open social reading platform, and is the Fediverse's alternative to Amazon's GoodReads.

There's more info about BookWyrm at and there's a list of servers you can join at

You can follow the project's account at @bookwyrm, and BookWyrm accounts can be followed from Mastodon etc, for example @mouse is the lead developer's BookWyrm account.

You can import your book data into BookWyrm from GoodReads, LibraryThing, StoryGraph, OpenLibrary and Calibre.

To import data, first export it from the other service as a CSV file, then log into your BookWyrm account, go to Settings > Import, select the type of data and then browse to the CSV file you had exported from the other service. Select the correct privacy setting, then click "import".

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This was predictable. Facebook/Meta is now encrypting the QP data so that Firefox and other privacy conscious browsers that strip the tracking data can't. Only way to avoid it is to not use Facebook at all. #DeleteFacebook #SurveillanceCapitalism…

Why would anyone think that the GOP believes in protecting lives in the first place?

By the way, to the people who keep saying that all this decision did was allow each state to decide, and what’s so wrong with that, I must ask: Should each state also be left to decide whether its citizens have freedom of speech? Of religion? Protection against illegal search and seizure? Due process? Cruel and unusual punishment? Freedom of the press? How should any of our rights depend on which state we live in? It's ridiculous.

The whole point of having a federal Constitution, including a specific section setting forth certain Inalienable rights, is that certain rights are so fundamental to our values as a country that they can't be left up to the states. For as long as most people can remember, women have been assured that the right to privacy and bodily autonomy was one of those things.

Opinion | Republicans’ hasty attacks on women show they were never pro-life:

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