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The Guardian is updating our style guide to accurately reflect the nature of the environmental crisis.

“Climate change” —> “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown”

“Global warming” —> “global heating”

“Climate skeptic” —> “climate science denier”


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For those maintaining older Objective-C code bases (we're still here)

Add -Wpartial-availability to your Other Warning Flags in

This will warn against use of APIs newer than your deployment target. (I was bitten by adding block-based NSTimer API while still claiming 10.11 compatibility.)

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Installed 10.4.1 and 10.1 on MBP. All good - Mojave remains very stable to date.

In case this helps others:

I was getting occasional freezes and kernel panics on my . Now seems fixed after plugging in the two external 4K monitors into separate Thunderbolt buses. Should have RTFM! 🤞


Just trying out SwiftLint. Looks really helpful and it integrates painlessly with via Brew. Like many things you randomly happen upon, I think I could have been using this a while ago .


I do quite a lot to minimise the exposure to advertising in my life. I just bought myself some Nike shoes.

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Seems like Sweden survived the election. S first, M second, SD third. No nazis as state minister today.

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"UN Scientific Paper Suggests Capitalism Has to Die in Order for the Planet to Be Saved"



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This Xcode tip has been very useful to me in the last couple of days. I'm quite a fan of the assistant editor now. Maybe it's helpful for you, too? :-)


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