Considering the heat wave over the last few weeks, conditions last Sunday were surprisingly good. Path finding between the open crevasses was a bit difficult at times though...

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@tech @threemaapp Wieso "kann der F-Droid nicht wirklich funktionieren"? Es gibt dutzende verschiedene Repositories: Auch Linux-Distributionen setzen auf die Nutzung von mehreren Repositories (z.B. Ubuntu PPAs).

@rick @waterdev @MagicLike @puniko "Threema Libre" ist ein separater Build, korrekt. Zum Umziehen einfach die App von F-Droid installieren, via Datenbackup aus der alten App exportieren und in die neue App importieren. Threema Safe geht noch einfacher, dann sind aber keine Nachrichten im Backup dabei.

Lizenz-Code funktioniert in beiden Apps. Eine Threema-ID sollte aber nicht in zwei Apps aktiv sein, gibt Probleme.

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Introducing Threema Libre for Android!

🚫 No Google services to begin with
📖 All components are open source
📲 Exclusively available via @fdroidorg

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Der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) lädt am 27. August 2022 zum Tag des offenen Hackerspace ein: Über fünfzig Hackerspaces machen in Deutschland, der Schweiz und Luxemburg mit.

Leider kann der Coredump aus terminlichen Gründen nicht an der Aktion teilnehmen, aber Gäste sind bei uns auch an anderen Tagen sehr willkommen! 🙋🙋‍♀️ Melde dich einfach jederzeit bei uns.

@blinry by the way: the best way for me to remember "pi" is that it behaves like the "$" operator in haskell 🤓

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My two-page #tokipona cheat sheet is now available in Russian, French, Italian, and Brazilian Portugese! Thanks to all translators! <3

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@stefan no, I mainly use Debian in Docker containers, on my host I use another Linux distro. So I don't have reportbug on my development computer.

In any case, it wouldn't have helped. Turns out: The reason the e-mail wasn't processed is that my e-mail address starts with "mail@", and some archaic procmail env variable (FROM_MAILER) that "has been used like this for decades" thinks that mail from an e-mail address like that must be discarded without any response 🙄

The bug reporting system ( is a blast from the past, and something that I try to avoid if I can. Currently debugging a bug report I sent a few days ago by e-mail, but which never made it into the bugtracker (no error response either) 🙄

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"But will it run Doom?" Yes. Yes, it does! 😆

I remade the first level using JavaScript and 64 sliders!

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Our music is for free
You can download mp3
Keep it playing on repeat
If you hate it - press delete!

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