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What's a better way to start into the next year than a nice hike & fly above the inversion fog? 🙂 Takeoff from Chli Aubrig (SZ).

I'm still not sure if that title refers to a software package, or is just a honest reaction to a vulnerability...

The "Martinsloch" is a hole in the Tschingelhörner mountains. Twice a year the sun shines through the hole directly onto the church in Elm.

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Sicherheitstraining über dem Walensee. Heute wird der Gleitschirm nach allen Regeln der Kunst in der Luft eingeklappt, abgerissen und kontrolliert zum Absturz gebracht 😁

And today extended that distance again by 2km :) Landing between Trun and Disentis. Fascinating landscape.

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