Morgen nehme ich an meinem ersten Hike&Fly-Wettbewerb teil: Dem ! Infos & Livetracking auf der Website. Bin sehr gespannt, rechne aber mit einem der letzten Plätze 😅

Today I learned about bpytop ( It's truly mindblowing what's possible in a terminal application!

I made a video of my last paragliding flight in the Alpstein massif. Amazing scenery.

Java/Android, WTF is wrong with you? (Yes, this test passes.)

What's a better way to start into the next year than a nice hike & fly above the inversion fog? 🙂 Takeoff from Chli Aubrig (SZ).

I'm still not sure if that title refers to a software package, or is just a honest reaction to a vulnerability...

The "Martinsloch" is a hole in the Tschingelhörner mountains. Twice a year the sun shines through the hole directly onto the church in Elm.

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