Wow, a possible cause identified for SIDS? That seems like a big deal. SIDS is a terrifying thing in the early months of parenthood. Will be great if this can lead to prevention.

Your worth ≠ your productivity.

Be kind to yourself. You are worthy of love, attention, and respect just because you exist and you're you.

You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. :blobhug2:

#WormsOfAffirmation #Positivity

So I’m back. Hoping this place will be a refuge should the twitocalypse happen. Still hoping for the best though!

Don't know if there's anyone in the Toronto/Ontario area on here beside me, but if so please pass it on if you think someone might benefit:

Mississauga Community Health Center is hosting a trans-ID clinic September 26th and 27th 3pm-6pm. It will provide access to a trans-identified community health worker, and free commissioner services to help with name changes, gender marker changes, applying for new ID and the like.

All services are free of charge.
The org is:

Very important point here. This isn’t a safe place for truly private communication.

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i saw a toot about it elsewhere but i can’t find it so: basically don’t trust mastodon for things you want to stay Actually Private. instance admins can read DMs, and instance admins can read the private posts of anyone their users follow. this is sort of inherent to the current architecture. and for all twitter’s sins, i trust the admins to not leak random people’s DMs more than i trust every instance admin ever.

Playing with @tootapp may be the most tech fun I’ve had this month.

My favourite Mastodon feature is the spelling of favourite.

And this is the first client I’ve seen either here or on Twitter that actually has an obvious way of handling creating threads. On your own posts, there’s an “Add another” button. Wow.

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Trying out a beta of @tootapp. It’s not done yet and is missing some critical bits, but overall it’s *excellent*. It feels like the client this place needs to really feel comfortable.

iPad support is a nice bonus, though it doesn’t yet support shortcut keys for physical keyboards. Still, nice!

I kinda feel like I have to go to every few days right now. Gradually getting more and more people here that I want to follow, but I doubt I'll be free of the bad place any time soon.

After sleeping on it, I think #Mastodon should rename ‘instances’ to ‘Communities.’

Instances feels too technical and I see even savvy people struggling to understand it.

I argue communities would make much more sense. It denotes much of the purpose behind _why_ this service has different instances, and many people will already be familiar with the concept from Reddit (the, what, sixth most popular site on the net?).

I guess I should say hi. I'm a Toronto-area web/dotnet developer working in software for local governments. I have twins going into grade six, so I'm just starting to get some time back. Mostly puttering around with retrocomputing when time permits, but hopefully will pick a project or two soon.

I don't know whether this will stick for me, as I generall don't mind the birdsite itself for my usage patterns. I just hate how the company behaves.

There’s something about Mastodon that I like better than the old twitter alternative. I think maybe Mastodon already knows what it wants to be. I dunno.

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