I reckon it's right about time to start boycotting Google. With the recent AMP and anti-URL crap, it's clear to see they are abusing their monopoly.

Let's stop using and recommending Chrome by default and set your default search engine to DuckDuckGo (or similar). Turn on your adblocker to starve them of income (Better Blocker is good as heck).

The best way to send a message to a corporation is to take their income from them, so do whatever you can to do that.


Why I want to disable replies on Mastodon, tl;dr 

I'd like to disable replies on Mastodon not because I have to engage with folks. Far from it. I like to talk with folks.

But I'd also like to signal to folks "hey, this is as much as I'd like to say about this topic. I'm not up for adding more to this. Please respectfully sit on your hands and let this thought pass undisturbed.

It's OK to not have to grab on to all things that float by. Just let the toot float on by like a fluffy cloud.

This is why I hate productivity systems that help you "capture ideas".

Ideas are great but fuck ideas.

Scary dystopian AI stuff 

So it seems like this is fake? (Hasn't been picked up by any other media & I've seen some folks on Birdsite say it's not possible). Thank goodness!

But even so, it paints a shockingly dark picture of what unscrupulous companies might do with your data - such as your background audio - if available. And there are real companies out there using ML to maximise how much you spend while gaming. E.g. scientificrevenue.com/ 😳


HT @megfault @onepict

@bobstechsite Idea for a sci fi script?: Turns out, there *is* fledgling life on Mars. But one day, a cherry red Tesla Roadster crashes into the planet and kills them all. The End. 😬

It's Monday again, hope you all have great weeks and kick all kinds of ass! ♥♥

Trying out the anti- fingerprinting feature in Firefox Nightly. If you'd like to test it out too, visit about:config and enable "privacy.resistFingerprinting".

You'll start seeing prompts like this!

More info: wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Fing & bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.

HT @torgo. toot.cafe/media/R7wbXTmBHV7Z39

Being the only one in the office today means I can listen to all the Meshugga I want. 🤘🤘

Good morning Dave, how about we smash ourselves in the mouth with the laptop?

No thanks?


I hope it doesn't swell...

Anyone in Victoria have a desk that a colleague and I can borrow for a day next week?

I haven't designed a website in ages, really pleased with how mine is going. Also @figmadesign is just radical. I have no need for Sketch at all anymore. figma.com/file/GafC9MCyEJ1DCVW

fanks sur. I did not knows what a database or api wus. I smarter now.

Spent a little time while I was sick yesterday working on @multicolour making error stacks nice to read using a custom parser and Blessed. Screenshots will come soon! Debugging a REST API will be so much faster/easier.

Switched to @code this morning and I'm blown away by how good it is. Wow, it's come so far so fast!

Any JSON schema GUIs out there any good for Linux? Trying to define many schemas and models and hand writing them seems a bit annoying.

Dev tools aren't very good though, the webgl/canvas and audiocontext stuff is cool but narrow in scope for my work. I'll stick with Chrome.

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