Printed a leg in black with red detailing to replace the led that went missing.

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might have ordered a second one to my sisters place. Whenever I'll be there the next time, I can then take that one apart and hopefully have working electronics in that one. Oh and it's missing a leg, have to replace that :D

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The dome section is fascinating! Geared motor, 3 diodes for the decoder. Not just switches for end stops.

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Took it to @xHain_hackspace and tore it apart. The voltages are all good, no short detected - seems it really is just dead :(

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sadly got damaged and broke a leg on it's travel to Germany. Will tear it down and share some pics here soon.

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I've received a big box and told my flatmate to guess what's inside. She said "I don't know, an R2-D2 maybe?" - and she was right!

Just received a 2.7" sharp memory with 400 x 240 pixels. It just looks so nice! It's the same that's used in the playdate. I've recently seen it being used on the "Franky" by sqfmi on the bird side.

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For #FollowFriday here's my first four followers since joining @fosstodon:

@cyberfarmer is a fellow former #farmer who is into #foss and #infosec

@gvy_dvpont makes incredible things that should have been a thing already but weren't a thing until he made them a #thing

@davedarko makes more incredibly pretty #makes, dabbles in #eurorack #synths and is a regular host on #MakerCast

@geekmomprojects who constantly churns out the shiniest of #shiny things and brightest #wearables. #LEDallTheThings

Performance anxiety at the doctors office, let's go!

What's the situation with the favourite star - when compared with twitter, is it more a like or rather to be seen a bookmark?

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