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Aight, so why not subsidize Xcode Cloud with the $99 membership fee? Or with the ~$90B you make from the 30% App Store tax? But, knowing Apple, you'll probably get like 30 build minutes for $4.99.

I'm sorry, but when discussing security and privacy, I only understand things when I'm dealing with "Alice" and "Bob", not "Katie" and "Eric".

Why does state ID cards coming to Apple Wallet make me say, "Finally! We're in the future!"

food, eating habits 

At this point, I'm literally running on coffee and fumes. It's been an interesting experience, and looking at the next five weeks, where I have a goal of 1600 calories/day and have more reasonable diet restrictions (more protein, 3 6-8oz servings) I can't help but think, "Shit that's a lot of food."

Weird how quickly perception can change.

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food, eating habits 

So this week I've been participating in a nutrition challenge at my gym. It's six weeks, with a "before" and "after" body scan. The first week is a "detox" week, where I am severely limited in what I can eat (2 3oz servings of protein, 2 ~1cup servings of fruit, unlimited veggies).


me: the exploitative relationship between capitalism and FOSS is bad
FOSSbros: ACTually it's ok, sure there's some exploitation but the benefits are worth it
freenode: *gets destroyed by capitalists*
FOSSbros: :pika_surprise:

You are a contestant on a game show. The host shows you three doors, behind two of which are goats and the other a car. You pick the left one. The host opens one of the other doors to reveal a goat. You meet eyes with the goat. The goat meets eyes with you. As you lock eyes, the chatter from the host and the live studio audience fades away. You see a glimmer of recognition behind those eyes. You think you know the goat. Maybe the goat knows you. Suddenly, a spark: you realize the goat IS you. You ARE the goat. You are seeing yourself as the goat, and the goat sees itself as you, and you are seeing yourself as the goat. You no longer see yourself. You wander off the stage, and exit through a door propped open. On the other side is a grassy plain. You trot around to look behind you; you see a grassy plain. The sun is hot above you. The grass is soft beneath your hooves. You bend down to chew a mouthful of grass. From the distance, you hear baaing from other goats. It is time to rejoin them.

You know that feeling you get when you look at an open-source project and realize you've been implementing a subset of its features over the past six months, but worse?

Don't tell my boss I'm having that right now looking at some of the more obscure features in Prometheus.

Guys, what if Kubernetes isn't the solution to everything?

AWK, xargs and pipes are a wonderful combo.

Something that I hope is common knowledge, but is still delights me every time I remember it.

Pre-internet: MY buggy/insecure software

Post-internet: OUR buggy/insecure software

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Today on "Hacker" News: don't buy consumer routers, they're not secure.

I mean, no shit. The internet is basically one big security vulnerability.

Everyone seems to be making a stink about Rust's async/await stuff.

I haven't formed an opinion yet, but probably will in the future.

I've just gotten an email from a recruiter to work at an "enterprise coloration [sic]" startup.

I don't know what that is, but it's really hard to not reply with a snarky reply about not having any experience with graphics programming.

Sometimes I sit back and think about younger me, my interests and hobbies and such.

And then I realize I could technically include installing Linux distros in my list of high-school hobbies. I used to install a different Linux every weekend. I had favorite distros, formed opinions on package managers...holy shit I needed to get out more.

in my Tolkien headcanon, the two blue wizards are exactly the Blues Brothers

Some people write software like it's a giant mathematical function or proof, some grand truth that they discovered.

Other people write software like prose, like they're writing the next "Ulysses" or "Crime and Punishment" - an artful and exciting and utterly novel creation.

And then there's me, sitting on a rock gently coaxing electrons to change chairs if they feel like it, as long as they live their best life.

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