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No matter how much I heat my house, it always seems cold.

Maybe I shouldn't work next to a window.

I wonder if nootropics and caffeine are banned from science olympiads/math competitions/programming competitions/hackathons as PEDs.

Correction: people who haven't heard of it are ambivalent. But come on, it's Haskell. No one shuts up about it.

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Someday I hope to create a programming language that generates as visceral a reaction from programmers as Haskell. No one is ambivalent to Haskell.

But at least you get stock options that vest after 20 years!

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Recruiter: It's a dynamic work environment with a "figure it out" attitude, where you're constantly learning and doing new, cool things with the latest and greatest toys.

Reality: your coworkers are as organized as a herd of coked-up cats, there are no processes or standards at all, and you'll burn out in like two weeks.

If it doesn't sound like a record player skipping around at 3000rpm that you recorded with an iPhone and then played back through a tin can, I'm not interested.

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If you're not making poly-rhythmic microtonal jazzcore (but that's if you are putting a label on it - really it's more a blend of like 10+ genres not limited to country, math rock, bebop jazz and ambient/lo-fi), are you even really making music?

I really want to make a robot to drag dog toys around and entertain my puppy, but again: no parts.

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I've got an NVidia Jetson and no real plans for the next <insert length of time here>....however I also have no ideas of what to do with it. I have an RPi camera, a USB camera, no 3D printer, and no parts to do any robotics stuff.

Gonna go brush up on my C++, apparently there's a decent chance I'll be writing some for work in the future.

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You know, I'm working from home. I don't have any high-profile meetings today. I'm about to rotate into my team's on-call role.

I'm gonna make myself a gin and tonic with lunch because why the fuck not. I can hold my booze.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a computer scientist in possession of too much time, must want to re-implement C.

One person posts a blog (an old one, too) about Haskell maybe not being perfect and suddenly Lobsters is all about "do this real-world thing in Haskell, see it's totally not a bunch of professors stroking ~themselves~ ~their egos~ their CVs".

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AOC said that during the storming of the capital a well disguised individual of about 5'4'' stole all her shoes

Pillars of Eternity is a really good game.

Between it and reading Matt Colville's *Ratcatchers* series, I'm feeling incredibly inspired to write right now in a way I haven't been since high school.

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Anyone got any ideas how to deal with family members that voted for Trump? A way to say “look, I get you didn’t necessarily vote for Trump the man, but you still looked at what he was doing and said ‘yeah, my tax breaks are worth neo-nazism’?”

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