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Things that make life better: a good coffee grinder and a trackball.

Summary of my Mastodon account:

- Almost all software is terrible
- Use Plan 9
- Angry programmer noises

Huh what do you know *checks watch* the year of Linux on the desktop is coming up again

The internet is a lie. It's literally just other computers.

After having only written Go code for the past few months, coming back to my personal Rust projects is jarring. I've gotten so used to not having generics that looking through libraries/APIs that make heavy use of them in Rust is like reading hieroglyphics.

I just want to understand how to use the specs crate, man.

doot doot just gonna run GitHub locally from now on.


It is not mine but here's a link some of the gemloggers in this thread might be interested in if they want to add to their geminis:
(zgrep and awk stuff)
And a link for those who haven't got a gemini client yet

And for those who are unlikely to set up their own (90% of fedizens) but want to join someone else's

US politics 

"[I'm] like a vacuum cleaner — [I] follows [my] father around collecting. What a disgrace. [We're] a crime family.” -- Donald Trump, quote edited for accuracy

what are the chances I take the time to set up my website to also be served via Gemini?

and what are the chances I end up writing my own Gemini server?

I say that because I can't seem to keep Rust's intricacies in my head if I'm not using it every week. Maybe C would be easier. Besides, I'd be synergizing with my QMK-sorta-C hacking. What am I supposed to do, rewrite QMK in Rust?

Maybe I should just get really good at writing C. I feel like I'd be able to do pretty much anything after that.

Negative political ads do not make me want to vote for you. Saying "the other guy is terrible!" will only make me nod my head in agreement and wonder why you're any different.

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