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All y'all posting photos of the outdoors like "a view from my office" or "I wish this was my office," and I'm over here like "I guess y'all don't have pollen or mosquitos there."

Adventures in macOS package management: I decided I wanted to install emacs 28, because I've been on 27 for awhile but figure it's time to update. So I go to Homebrew and tell it "hey, I'd like to install this version of this package". Homebrew is like "cool, sounds great. Mind if I install updates for LITERALLY ALL OF YOUR OTHER PACKAGES TOO? YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED THEM IN FOREVER SO OBVIOUSLY YOU WANT TO DO THAT, RIGHT?!"

How hard would it be to write my own printer firmware? Asking for a friend.

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Fixing to re-enact Office Space - specifically the bit where Michael Bolton goes ham on the printer.

Seriously. I *have* to use the *~*special*~* setup cartridges and print at least one alignment page. But I can't get there because there's something wrong with the setup cartridges. And nothing fixes it.

Okay, now that I've got my website running (mostly, a little bit of the CSS is broken on mobile because I had enough trouble sticking the footer to the bottom of the page for the normal web, and now I've got to find a solution that works for the normal and mini web? Maybe the footer is going to go the way of the dodo), time to rewrite it with Rust/WASM because I can.

shameless self-promo 

ignore the fact that all pages were last edited on Jan 1st, 0001. I didn't realize embedded files in Go have basically all metadata stripped, and haven't decided if I'm going to fix it yet. I may start linking to my last commit, since that's supposedly in the buildinfo now.

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shameless self-promo 

Aww yea got a website running again. lives again!

Twitch-based debugging: hoping some rando from the internet hops into your chat and finds the race condition for you (because let's be honest, it's probably a weird race condition).

And of course, I haven't set up HTTPS yet, so don't use that.

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Though let's be honest, it'll probably be longer than two weeks.

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Getting a webserver set up again for a personal website. If you go to the URL in my profile anytime between now and the next two weeks, you'll see the default Caddy landing page.

'content warning' 

i mean the real #feditip is that this little 'content warning' field is extremely versatile. you can use it
- as a title, like you would put on an email or a web page. it's easier to scroll, give you an early choice of whether or not you want to read it.
- to list the applicable trigger warnings that one might want to avoid. you'll learn them as they come, and understand people's pain.
- to warn about screen reader unfriendly posts before filling a post with emoji
- to physically make your post take less space on everyone's screen, while not necessarily get less attention. i love going on an all caps rant behind a 'computers' cw. it's great and liberating without being as annoying.
- octodon special, complain to gargron if you think it's cool, here you can post over the limit inside one. this post is more than 800 characters long and i don't have to make it into a thread unless my thought are separated in time

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"Ah!" exclaimed the unwashed masses. "But does Mastodon have a wint?" they ask coyly, thinking they have gotten us good this time.

"Oh, my friends. Behold the wonders before your very eyes!" I proclaim as I open the federated timeline. Tears stream from the eyes of the former disbelievers.


So hey, did something happen over on the bird site?

Welcome to Mastodon. We got weird emotes, like this one:


Siri transcribed "software" as "suffer," and my response is "yes, for sure."

Rango is such a delightfully weird movie.

"What's an aquifer?"
"Well, it's fer aqua."

I'm starting to judge my days by whether or not me clicking on the Teams mini-window thing lets me drag it to where I want on the screen (what I want) or takes me to the enlarged meeting window (what I don't want).

Today Teams is doing what I want, so it's a good day.

These new GitHub personal access token expirations are great because effectively they're a three-month reminder to ask "are you sure you wouldn't rather be using a different git host?"

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