A herd of cows
A murder of crows
An abomination of PHP programmers

I was just working on some Rust code, and the language finally started making sense.

That feeling is what I live for and what I got into programming for.

us pol, class/wealth gap 

Trying to convince my team to provide abstractions around k8s resources to our consumer through CRDs is like convincing a professional chef that a baby shouldn't know how to make a perfect Beef Wellington.

You know, I used to dream about staying at home with nothing to do.

Now I'm excited to take my puppy outside so she can pee because it means I'm technically not in the house.

The best feeling in the world is seeing a client send basic auth creds over email.

Can we, as a profession, just move away from Java?

Reading this and I can't help but wonder what this guy thinks of talk radio.


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