Interesting article: "What must the next government do to continue Israel’s hi-tech success?"

"Millions of people have been arrested for the possession or use of marijuana. Many can't afford bail—further punishing those who are poor," says @TulsiGabbard

Journal Umanistica Digitale, Issue 4 (2019): "Data Sharing, Holocaust Documentation and the Digital Humanities: Best Practices, Case Studies and Benefits"
A good overview of data sharing and visualization in Holocaust research.
#DigitalHumanities #Holocaust

Prohibiting almond milk producers from calling their product "milk" is not about protecting consumers. The FDA should stop pretending it is.

Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Course in Python (Support Vector Machines)

Almost impossible to find available annotated corpora for aspect based sentiment analysis... If somebody can recommend someting... I will be thankful.
#NLProc #NLP #SentimentAnalysis #MachineLearning

4 killed in suspected terror attack at Strasbourg Christmas market

How to Master the Art of freelancing

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular around the world, allowing for talented workers around the country to build a client base of their very own an

A superficial but interesting article about text analytics, with a comparison with deep learning applied to pictures.
Machine Learning algorithms: Working with text data
#word2vec #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #nlproc

Bad news from #Andalusia, the largest region of #Spain.
A right win extremist party gets an 11% in the regional elections, the best result for a far right party in Spain since the times of the infamous regime of General Franco.

The main question here is whether #WhatsApp will use our data to build user profiles for use of the advertisers. #privacy
"WhatsApp ads are coming: Will advertisers start buying?"

Bearshares at my PR laboratory

I continue my long marathon of reviews of crypto social networks and I can not say that I am saddened by a large number of them. The more projects, the easier it is to select from them those that are useful for work and for creating passive crypto income. I want to remind you, dear readers, that this is my ultimate goal. Read more

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