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Now that I'm more awake I've started doing in , just for continued familiarity exercise purposes. Got through puzzles 1a and 1b, simple enough. Doing some mimicry of changing requirements along the way. Haven't published the repo yet…

Time for a little bit of poking around at open source projects to make sure I can keep my hand in. Today's new issue and draft patch:

@enkiv2 In retrospect “directly” was an overstatement, but I think you get the picture…

It was made for little adventure-game scripting, nothing more (but of course more happened anyway). The most common use of lock and zap in a conventional ZZT game are for builtin labels like “touch”, which are forcibly jumped to when certain things happen to an object: thus, “start a sequence that won't be interrupted by another event happening” and “only allow this to trigger once, by zapping the label afterwards”.

@enkiv2 Short version: ZZT is a character cell adventure game engine with various worlds available for it. Objects on the board can have ZZT-OOP code text attached. “sending a message” between objects is remote GOTO, ignored if no valid label, can be multicast. Lock/unlock toggles the “discard all messages silently” flag on the current object; compare IGNORE/REMEMBER. Zap/restore (can take a remote object!) toggle first matching line between label and comment; compare ABSTAIN/REINSTATE.

@enkiv2 That… I don't want to rag on the author but it seriously does not deserve the INTERCAL association, going by the description. (It looks like “mostly Caml, dressed up in a clown suit”.)

For _actual_ embedded _object-disoriented_ _uncooperatively multitasking_ INTERCAL used in DOS game scripting, you want to look at ZZT-OOP, several of whose constructs directly parallel INTERCAL (namely the zap/restore and lock/unlock pairs of commands).

“Version number identification is complicated by the fact the version words aren't read in the same order depending on the specifications. In the 1.0 version of the format, the minor version number comes first […]. However, version 2.0 of the specifications reverse the order […]. For this reason, the 1.0 version also became known as version 0.1.” –the article on DOSBox Raw OPL format from the ZDoom wiki <>

@azure Yes, it's not exactly the same thing. I was just noting them as a person you might want to exchange experiences with over time re single-user instances if you weren't already planning to, since you might be able to give each other useful information about the results. (cc @deutrino)

@azure I had a similar partial conversation with deutrino at, BTW, and they also seem to be aligned with the idea of spinning up single-user instances as a countermeasure to undesired federation obstructions.

@azure I mean, _that_ only lasts until people start preemptively breaking that model because it doesn't fit with their process of how to have a sustainable workload of instance-link pruning or whatnot.

Which I definitely get the impression is a common feeling, and also I feel like I've seen this in the wild before, but one of these days I should go check more thoroughly whether I can substantiate it…

@bram Maybe the mini-language should actually be called “~Language~”.

@ashfurrow It is, but it only stays that way until you respond with “I know” to this post.

@robjloranger Will the recordings also have badly-chosen spatialization and mastering parameters for the instruments and albums with meaningless titles stuffed with songs that don't go together at all? Will the live shows also be completely disorganized with regard to tickets, seating, stage presentation, and timing?

@deutrino I'm pretty sure I _think_ I've seen places start preemptively blocking single-user instances because it doesn't play nicely with their default model of what instances are like, though. I didn't bother digging deeper to see whether it was purely that or whether they'd misbehaved some other way, at the time.

@ajroach42 Going to see a friend over the weekend is bringing me tentative hypothetical joy. What would make things better in the moment is if I had both fewer things falling apart that can only be reached on weird delays, and more will and courage to push for things faster and earlier. Or, if it has to be more concrete, a solid and relatively painless way of handling my creditors while minimizing long-term damage after the recent $cascade_disaster.

You know I was a Debian user for a long time because I read 'GiantITP' as 'Giant Intent To Package'

Wow, that line “radio reminds me of my home far away” _really_ comes out with different implications in the cyberpunk-inspired cover of Country Roads: (Main feature ends before 3m53s; it's concatenated with a bunch of postroll talk.)

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