@azure I was _wondering_ whether they were going to use GNU Lightning for that. The stuff about how they forked the 2.x branch is interesting there, and also their suggestion that if you're using C++ then pilfering assemblers from JavaScript engines might have nicer characteristics…

@cwebber (Unrelatedly: (a) curse you for being in a position to gain the knowledge and reputation to be taken seriously in the conversations I've been wanting to have and ideas I've been wanting to present for the last decade while I've floundered away in the abyss and inevitably look like a cheap hanger-on now that it's finally being said by everyone else, and (b) well okay not actually curse you at all, but rather, please keep doing it and I hope it comes out well.)

@cwebber This combined with “personal brand” expectations in my field is part of why I took what amounts to a professional cursor name about five years ago.

Today, reading about C++, since my last “real” memory of the language was the 98 style and now people are into 11, 17, and 20.

It feels like it just keeps getting crazier. Like a fox.

@drwho My primary desktop is Arch Linux with Cinnamon. I do have a Windows VM for Windows-specific development purposes, and a separate “dedicated low-sensitivity” Windows machine for gaming/media.

What I'd like to move to is a single desktop computer core which I physically plug system/user disks into as needed, with a similar FDO/Linux¹ primary plus some further Linuxes and Windowses.

¹ That's what I call “GNU/Linux plus usually systemd, X, etc.” as opposed to embedded or other Linuxes.

@ischade @ashfurrow I was altering it for pun purposes! I thought cat ramen could plausibly be ニャーメン (nyaamen), after the usual transcription of cat meowing in Japanese…

(I'm not actually well-studied in it, I only know some bits and pieces)

I swear i didn't arrange this on purpose. They line up to stare at me when they're hungry

… “a2jmidid”?

Is this a joke?

I know Linux audio leans unpolished from most approach angles, but…

Frown. There's both JACK _and_ ALSA sequencer transports now? That's not _entirely_ unwelcome, but now we have a whole new realm of incompatibility…

When your thought process leads from “slightly more flexible version of audio software” to “would an MMIX emulator be useful here?”, you might've gone into the weeds.


*scribble scribble*

"I crossed the desert," the seeker of wisdom said.
The Great Sage said nothing.
"I scaled the mountain," the seeker continued.
The Great Sage nodded.
"At last, I found a sign."
"What did the sign say?" the Great Sage asked.
"It said you've moved to the city. Why?"
"To be alone."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

You either learn to love annotation subglyphs added to letters or you diacritic

@Elizafox Are you the type of user to whom that “If this user begins to exist, seek shelter immediately” userbox from Wikipedia applies?

[This upgrade is recommended]
The robot hesitated. {Is it mandatory?}
[It is recommended]
{Will it change me?}
{For the better?}
[It is recommended] the upgrade server said. [If you can not change you can only exist]
{Is this change for the better?}
[Read the release notes]

@drwho Does it help if you imagine yourself at work again to think of what you wanted to do?

@octet33 Not supported as in they don't have OpenGL/DirectX capabilities that games insist on, or don't have good enough performance, or just the devs won't officially consider them targets so when stuff breaks it stays that way?

If you have a life purpose, but in order to achieve it, you have to reach some other state first, and in order to get there, you have to complete some other task, which has its own prerequisites, and so on… is that a calling stack?

Oh, _huh_. This picture of a Symbolics keyboard has the ( ) [ ] { } in a similar configuration to the way I remap them on my QWERTYs. The { } are off to the side above \ | on keys that don't physically exist on my keyboard, rather than replacing the ( ) above 9 0, but…

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