It finally came. This is the keyboard of the future.

I can't believe I missed the obvious “Ducker” pun when I first wrote this.

Collapse All followed by Expand Subtree at least is almost good enough, but it still leaves so much stuff at the top and bottom that it's easy to scroll into accidentally…

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TFW you're in and your fingers itch for narrow-to-defun for a moment.

To support legacy development on the common language runtime, Microsoft will soon be releasing RAISE COBOL BY ONE SEMITONE.

@fribbledom Well, the amount of times in personal stuff I've just gone `hg ci -m aaaaa`, per…

I've been actively practicing avoiding that more lately, though the structure is still a little soft. In cases where test cycles are too long, underpowered hardware, etc. and there aren't any actual collaborators it's hard to justify doing more work to go back and make them nice and atomic, but…

's wiki-per-repository documentation ( still says “For example, refer to the TortoiseHg wiki on Bitbucket Cloud” when the TortoiseHg wiki has gone off to Heptapod—which I assume is because Bitbucket has by now ended their Mercurial support…


@Lofenyy @craigmaloney @saramg Well, Wiktionaryδιάβολο points at and claims it's via “throw + through” = “slander/backstab”, though I don't know how confident to be. Implied thrown weapon, perhaps?

@ashfurrow That's just string concatenation being a monoid! If you were willing to accept the overloaded + in the first place…

Now, the real question is whether you allow division. String → Int → Maybe String…

"This is getting tiresome," I say.
"You think I don't know?" my future self says. "Trust me, I wouldn't go back in time to tell me not to do a thing if it wasn't important."
"Fine. But this is the seventh time I stop myself! Won't I ever learn?"
"It happens to you too?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Are there sub-unity binary prefixes? There's kibi-, mebi-, gibi- for 2^10, 2^20, 2^30 to distinguish them from 10^3, 10^6, 10^9. What's the equivalent for 2^−10, 2^−20, 2^−30 or whatever? Web search didn't turn up anything. I guess if the prefixes come mainly from bulk storage in computing then there might not have been a natural use for sub-unity ones, but…

@danielhglus Just consider it an abbreviation for “first-sight reading”?

@moonbolt Especially if it's being processed in those wide 256-bit vector registers or something!

@danielhglus Sudden memories of using a GNU ld script for a cross-assembling binutils to designate the proper memory regions on my TI-84+ ages ago.

@enkiv2 Somewhat inspired by Darcs's interesting but rough-around-the-edges notion of patch theory, in case that wasn't obvious.

(Suddenly I wonder if Pijul is already working on this.)

@enkiv2 A 100% Vapor™ idea I had some years ago about that was to see if you could come up with reversible reductions (bijections between a “solid” form and a (reduced, remainder) pair—I don't know if there's a “real” term for these) to split off the “function X contains A, B, C” and “function X and Y come in this order in file Z” data into separate places. In this case the pair would be something like (semantic, formatting), but intuition says a “pure” model may not work for e.g. renames.

I notice I've started crossing isolated Z's in my handwriting. Huh.

My board position feels like it's covered in backward pawns.

Which is a bit of a strange metaphor for my mind to come up with, because contrary to “smart kid” stereotypes, I was never really any good at chess.

Memory collision: whenever people talk about (child actor famous for starring in _Home Alone_), I keep confusing him with (author of _The Way Things Work_, which I remember being an excellent book by the way—the fun illustrations of logic gates helped get me into digital logic when I was quite young).

@woozle @galaxis I see! That makes sense. Good to hear the followup; I hope my speculative assumptions weren't too awkward. :-)

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