@satchmoz @maiki Citadel has only a small team, and most of the work is done by one man, the original CitadelUX (citadel bbs for UNIX) author. SO while it may be slower than other projects, it is stable. Yes Citadel still 'is' a BBS you can log in via telnet or ssh and you could be back in the late 80's early 90's - accept your chat program would not be a custom , mud-like talker - but xmpp, mand your mail is real internet mail etc... The text client is great.

@mikeao @maiki @satchmoz I really like the _idea_ of , and I like the history, but I'll be honest: my main memory of it is glancing at the code and finding that it was extremely bare-bones and surface-level and didn't support some crucial thing—maybe it was STARTTLS? Either way, that's when I gave up on it for current-day use (given I wasn't in a position to go a-hacking extensively at the time).

I'll definitely be curious if it does any major pushes forward in the future.

@dasyatidprime @maiki @satchmoz I read your toot. I was going to mention it on th uncensored site, but if you need this to work, you would 100% get your questions anwsered in the support room. It is here you can see how many people use citadel.

@mikeao [dropping some secondary reply targets] I don't have any cycles to spend continuously on this nowadays, but at the time it definitely looked like “this XMPP code was Just Enough to pass some bare test cases” from a cursory glance. If someone else feels like raising it, I'd love to hear updates; “no STARTTLS, PLAIN only, Final Destination” feels like a sufficiently bizarrely dangerous decision that it makes me wonder what else is like that.


@mikeao (I mean, for one thing, the source download links at easyinstall.citadel.org don't work over HTTPS…)

@dasyatidprime I believe you! I mentioned that also, on the developers citadel.

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