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Good morning. I thought today would finally be the day that I quit Brooklyn-based politics irony podcasts. Alas,

good morning, here’s my new guitar

how do I know it’s mine?

it has my name on it 🤗

good morning, I just love Monday mornings because I get to catch up on all my emailsssssss

Good morning, can anyone confirm that shrink-wrapped bread is unique to America? Why do this? [cw food]

good morning, I found this guide to using `tar` very helpful [cw screaming Arnold Schwarzenegger face]

good morning to the profound absurdity and existential horror I found on my way out the door of my apartment building this morning [cw ec]

good morning, let's check in on how the normies are doing... [cw pol]

good morning. props to Java developers for having such a good sense of humour about their, quite frankly, horrifying language


@ashfurrow Oh, crud, I tried to write out a DynamicDispatchFunction implementation as a fifth alternative and realized I couldn't do dependent type parameters between the keys and values of a map easily, so I'd probably have to do unchecked casts instead and hmmmmm. (What I want is something like <S> Map<<C> Class<C extends S>, Function<C, R>> if that existed.)

(I bet the real version would be an appropriate response, it's just beyond my silliness attention quota right now)

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