Oh my god I just learned that exists. (Python 2 replacement.) And then I realized why the name.

terrible free-verse-alike 

“ffffffff” is
the sound you make
when everything's happening
all at ones.

Apparently part of my social circle is covered with wolves. I guess this is what happens when one of my existing friends is a blue fox who works at a place which I've just realized I don't see on their profile after all so I don't know whether I should mention it, oh well.

On the Internet, well… you know the classic sayings on that.

mental health?, COVID-19? 

brain be brøkken

The lockdown (among other things) has been stealing a _lot_ of my energy over the last month or so. It's not good.

It's not good.

Still working on being adequately serene. It's difficult enough doing that, much less getting anything else done.

But if I don't manage to pick up again soon, I'm going to run out of resources.

The instruments of our ancestry: simple, vibrant waveforms produced from what precious few arithmetic operations per sample we could scrounge up.

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Chiptunes : (some) digital hacker cultures :: folk songs : (some) human cultures?

complaining vaguely about software 

Note that this implies that _any platform that is a strong dependency of_ technology intended to enhance executive function needs to have compatibly sharp requirements for tail latency.

I keep being reminded why past me did so much on paper. But there were other problems with that.

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complaining vaguely about software 

Relatedly, if it takes multiple seconds for my pomodoro-like timer app to initialize its UI, even if it's meant to be fancier than that, something has gone wrong with the state of the world.

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complaining vaguely about software 

Technology intended to enhance executive function should be considered to have very sharp requirements for tail latency.

If you break my flow so that I _sometimes_ have to hold a mental stack in short term memory much longer than usual, because you took forever to load something because of Count Webula, _especially_ if there's interface flakiness that goes with it regarding whether a change has committed… argh.

state of the world 

It really feels like I've moved to one of the negative zip codes. xkcd.com/1245/

Okay, so I notice what _feels_ like a big spike of crossposters from(?) Twitter on local. Maybe it's not actually a spike, I don't know. Nonrigorous nudge, how many of you are actually listening here, as opposed to using it as a one-way fount to broaden your reach? Star/DM accepted if you don't want to reply publicly. Users chosen arbitrarily from a bunch of recent visible crossposts.

@PurpleBooth @spences10 @dvg @noreset @vonhaller @kieran

software lament 

Dear god why does my FDO/Linux window manager (from Cinnamon) have this much latency for keyboard-based window switching, on a moderately performant laptop. It even loses keystrokes if they come too quickly afterwards, so I have to jerk to a halt and wait for it. Every switch. I knew something was off but I only just bothered to write it down.

What the hell happened between 2010 and now.

… do most people not reach for dynamic-model-ensemble-like patterns by habit, as something natural? Keep several models around when you're not sure, and test new bits of the world against them and consider which ones seem to be working better?

Is this something that everyone does but nobody talks about because nobody _else_ talks about it so it feels weird, or do lots and lots of people actually… just have one (albeit changeable/replaceable/multilayered) model of things almost all the time?

C++, sweary, allcaps 

@moonbolt @dhivael @kistaro Oh, my goodness, C++ has so many fun facts. It's a dark forest wonderland hyperbolic cave of splendiferous confusion and delight compared to C.

Okay. I still need to update the colors to have better contrast, and add more text to my profile page, but I'll do that later.

Now how do I look… dasyatid1.dreamwidth.org/

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I'm setting the subtitle to “probably not actually a bird”.

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Okay. Maybe this morning is time to tinker with 's layout and theming support…

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