You know I was a Debian user for a long time because I read 'GiantITP' as 'Giant Intent To Package'

Wow, that line “radio reminds me of my home far away” _really_ comes out with different implications in the cyberpunk-inspired cover of Country Roads: (Main feature ends before 3m53s; it's concatenated with a bunch of postroll talk.)

→ … and an exportable package file containing both the exact original file(s) and an appropriate ICECREAM attachment could be a Combined Original and Notations Envelope.”

Quoted from my side of a conversation with an acquaintance, paraphrased to remove unrelated bits:

“Back at university in OS class, I was given a paper to read about WAFL: the Write Anywhere File Layout. I bet a metadata attachment standard named, uh, the Interoperable Container for Embedding Contributed, Readable, Exogenously Applied Metadata would be a good layer on top of that for a media server. →

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I'm kind of irrationally proud of having just managed what I did in that lipogrammatic thread, even if I sort of dumped a three-post explanation on someone whom I'm not _completely_ sure wanted it?

Now if only I could get anything _else_ done, that would be real good about now…

I'm going to start using “Troubling Ophidian Schism” as a way of referring to the Python 2/3 split all the time now by the way. Just saying.

@mus @ojahnn Would not an additional good python assist in outward motion from Python Two's mortality? In our souls sit only a triad of pythons, soon…

So polls can only have up to four options of up to… _25_ characters each?

For all that people keep saying “this isn't Twitter 2.0”…

Can I propose that Austin be “Double Bucky City” rather than “Silicon Hills” given its 512 area code?

Now and then when I'm discussing the ergonomics of some system, the other person will say "But humans just don't /think that way/."

Which I take as them recognizing that I'm actually a superposition of wild animal and abstract principal of acquiring/sharing knowledge, even if they don't consciously realize it :)

Oh. gets _upset_ trying to Check Incoming and Outgoing Changes if you set a default upstream path on your repository that's a SSH path using a public key with a passphrase which you expect to enter every time rather than loading it into the agent.

It's frozen and not responding to SIGTERM. Argh.

Building out a little toy program in to learn. Most of the language elements are quite familiar from either Java or OCaml/Haskell as expected (not that I was ever good at real Haskell). Hoping to try out Akka, too, which looks very Erlang-y.

The phrase “This fixes the message key mismatch preventing crunchy peanut butter from displaying correctly.” might have been used.

An unfortunate advertisement 

Doing a little return-follow catchup, in case some of you don't recognize why I'm following you now or requesting to. (I don't do symmetrical follow by default, but I do habitual symmetrical “check out their profile and see whether I want to”, but sometimes I don't get around to it for a while.)

A conversation with @Azure has just led to a possible new term for not-so-good homebrew crypto: “cryptographer-inspired”.

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