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Doing a little return-follow catchup, in case some of you don't recognize why I'm following you now or requesting to. (I don't do symmetrical follow by default, but I do habitual symmetrical “check out their profile and see whether I want to”, but sometimes I don't get around to it for a while.)

A conversation with @Azure has just led to a possible new term for not-so-good homebrew crypto: “cryptographer-inspired”.

Not totally sure of the ordering, but today's is pretty on point in the large.

There are very few things that AREN'T improved by putting them on top of hominy grits.

“You can always just choose not to engage” 

@ashfurrow Kateis is an ice spirit that came into being in harmony with Dokker when they came to the Hundred-Order Monastery for help navigating the harsher ocean currents. It succeeded, but when it manipulates the wind to blow a lot of Dokker around, sometimes they don't know where they'll end up, and the ice spirit can be capricious and uncaring with humans and other Pokémon.

The power of Mega Kateis is reserved for the Hundred-Order, and the mega stone is guarded jealously.


It's also easily infatuated by mirrors. Every Peckage's mother teaches it strict rules for how to get along with other Peckage.

Dokker is a group of Peckage who learned that it's easier to float across the water, making a home out of a hollow iceberg that stops them from colliding with other Dokker. Sometimes they become spoiled and egotistical, though, and sometimes the ice doesn't protect their food and it gets spoiled too. If the ice ever melts, they don't know what to do.


Peckage is a duck-like Pokémon who despite its appearance mostly springs up from grassy fields. It defends its food by wrapping it in a pouch on its back, which it buries when it goes to sleep. It can't fly, but it can use water currents to travel so there's always one nearby.

@ashfurrow The evolution stages: Peckage (Normal) → Dokker (Ice) by leveling up while knowing at least one Ice-type move → Kateis (Psychic/Ice) when traded while holding a Hundred-Order Stone → Mega Kateis but the mega stone can only be gotten within the Hundred-Order Monastery.

Oh, _now_ my IPv6 starts working at home for no obvious reason. I guess that'll probably save me a call to AT&T?

He shifted timelines until he found one in which he hadn't made his mistake. But he knew he'd done it, even if it hadn't happened.
So he shifted on, until he found one in which he had done it, confessed, and asked for forgiveness.
He hadn't been forgiven, but he felt better.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Now that I have this spare machine booting with and on the way to local-signing , I should consider whether I want to do the same thing to my primary laptop, which currently lacks such protections.

and/or , naming the website where one enters the domain control validation code for an certificate renewal “” is kind of asking for it. Seriously?

This is apparently done via “Sectigo” which is some subsidiary of something, and the domain is registered under “CSC Corporate Domains”. It seems legit based on other observations, and it's not out of line with other corporate nonsense I've seen, but…

exploring software with a frown 

frowning upon software 

frowning upon software 

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