Today's question: how do you keep a code-reorganizing commit as clean of behavior changes as possible when part of the ultimate reason for the reorganization is to stop doing X in case A, but the way X is currently done is too tangled with the existing code path which is better repurposed for Y?

Today's answer: add an instantly-deprecated flag parameter to the function that should stop doing X. Then the actual behavior-change commit can prune it again.

Good idea? Crazy?

I like that is not .

I'm not amazingly happy that their Mercurial support went away.

I _hate_ their stylesheets for Markdown/reStructuredText. The heading spacing is ugly enough to give me a mild headache.

At least installing Roboto Mono stopped their code elements from using the squinty x-height of what I think was Courier.

Today: putting a character-cell-art banner in the header of a hand-written placeholder page.

Also today: <pre role="image" aria-label="[appropriate banner text]">

Hope I'm doing that right. The developer tab in Firefox looks non-horrible at least.

Today is a day for being reminded that exists. A nice short Stargate fan story about software testing, and almost an ad for Hypothesis.

Okay. Time to do some mutual pomodoros with a friend.


Hypothetical paper title: “Impact of Asymmetrical Traversal on Forwarding Pointer Usage in Semispace Garbage Collectors for Common Lisp: ‘Dude, Where's My Cdr?’”

I am being irritated at gettext's use of the original-language text as the primary key. (I am aware of pgettext.)

What it makes me want to do is write the original text in Lojban out of spite.

But this is a bad idea, for I do not know enough Lojban for that and neither do any of the other potential maintainers.

Initial of xbell-ringer 0.1.1! I needed a ringer for the X bell after I switched to , and the existing version wasn't quite doing it for me. Feel free to give feedback here and/or report issues on Bitbucket.

Dreamwidth post:
Repository link:
Release download:

Comment of the day (that I am writing): “Argh! SemVer 2.0.0 has a notion of prerelease but not postrelease versioning, so if we're working _forward_ from a tag, we have to increment the patch level. It's slightly easier to do the increment in sed than to take apart the version string with shell operators or awk, in this context.”

Have I gone mad?

Can anyone attest to the existence of “supraunity” as a word meaning “greater than 1”, especially with regard to multipliers or proportions (“greater than 1:1”) and double-especially with regard to amplification factors? Am I misremembering that one? I felt sure it was a known term, but I'm wondering if maybe I made it up or confused it with something else, since I can't seem to find easy references to it on the 'net.

“I want to learn to be a normal, modern, fashionable programmer,” she said to herself, while not only using the word “programmer” but also inserting ^L lines before each of the outline-minor-mode headings in a C file so as to be able to use the page commands in Emacs.

It has its own XSettings protocol implementation because libxsettings-client wants Xlib but this program uses xcb. 🙃

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… and it recreates the libcanberra context every time.

Wait a minute, given libcanberra's available backends (which don't include PipeWire directly), does this imply that a PipeWire module is opening an entire _new_ connection to itself _via_ its Pulse emulation every time the bell is rung?

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TIL it seems like pipewire-x11-bell doesn't bind its libcanberra context to the X desktop context (via libcanberra-gtk or otherwise), which means the sound theme setting doesn't propagate. It always looks up the bell sound under the “freedesktop” theme regardless of what your DE thinks.

I have encountered a form of dependency hell involving needing a dependency on a recent enough dependency determiner to read the more recent format and location of dependency information. I wrote at least two block comments cross-referencing multiple files with each other so that someone who opened up one would understand which others related to this issue.

Perversely, I have found out that this is, at least sometimes, what makes me feel alive.

I'm not sure what that says about me.

I am so tempted to pronounce “” as [skl̩ˈælkʰəˌmi]. (With some ambiguity over whether that first group before the [kʰ] really has a syllabic [l] followed by [æ] or is all one syllable.)

Incidentally, I wish order randomization were an option for polls.

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