stressful Twitterized social patterns 

stressful Twitterized social patterns 

stressful Twitterized social patterns 

stressful Twitterized social patterns 

Aha, I see some error messages on the originating terminal now. They actually refer to the Kotlin plugin. Disabling that seems to let the projects load. Hmm.

… and I think maybe the second order of things to do is actually convert this one Mercurial repo to Git, mainly because BitBucket is sunsetting Mercurial support and all. :wehhundred:

Trying to dive back into after getting interrupted for a while. First order of anything: now refuses to load the projects after an upgrade. First the Scala plugin wasn't compatible, so I updated that to a version that supposedly is. But the project window just flickers and dies, with no visible error message. Hooray, troubleshooting!

I'm still amused that while $friend was showing me around $workplace, ey described me as “kind of a Haskell nerd” (I forget the exact qualifier). I don't consider myself to have enough experience with it for that to _really_ be true, even if I like the idea; I'm more like a Haskell nerd wannabe.

I think it's probably heavily influenced by when ey was going over some Scala stuff with me and I kept accidentally saying Maybe instead of Option…

So what's the good story nowadays? I used to use the builtin dialer support, then , years ago. That seems to have vanished, so I tried using the builtin dialer again on my Android 9 handset, but got horribly choppy audio. Currently trying the free version of , but somewhat worried about what's trustworthy and what isn't.

My provider () actually _had_ an official app out, but ISTR it stopped working at some point (they're not really marketing for that).

Coming back to this two months later: I've since learned that a “Standard Architecture for Universal Comment Extensions” (which AFAICT is used some places inside its demoscene-and-spinoffs sphere of influence, but is anything but standard or universal outside of it) exists as an appended metadata specification, primarily for ANSI art.


(I set options i915 enable_guc=2 disable_power_well=0 in /etc/modprobe.d, to be exact. The latter is culted from my past self, who'd gotten it from something on the Arch wiki.)

*tinkers a kernel option* Okay, that might've fixed the graphics performance issue on my laptop—or maybe it's triggered by switching displays or something, such that I'll have to reboot when I do that later on. We'll see.

Adding to my list of “oh hey that looks like one of those ideas I never did anything with, I should probably be glad someone else is actually doing it so I can see how it turns out”:

Today, reading about C++, since my last “real” memory of the language was the 98 style and now people are into 11, 17, and 20.

It feels like it just keeps getting crazier. Like a fox.

I swear i didn't arrange this on purpose. They line up to stare at me when they're hungry

… “a2jmidid”?

Is this a joke?

I know Linux audio leans unpolished from most approach angles, but…

Frown. There's both JACK _and_ ALSA sequencer transports now? That's not _entirely_ unwelcome, but now we have a whole new realm of incompatibility…

When your thought process leads from “slightly more flexible version of audio software” to “would an MMIX emulator be useful here?”, you might've gone into the weeds.


*scribble scribble*

"I crossed the desert," the seeker of wisdom said.
The Great Sage said nothing.
"I scaled the mountain," the seeker continued.
The Great Sage nodded.
"At last, I found a sign."
"What did the sign say?" the Great Sage asked.
"It said you've moved to the city. Why?"
"To be alone."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

You either learn to love annotation subglyphs added to letters or you diacritic

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