When you're of a certain age and you wake up to the news that the Smashing Pumpkins are releasing a 3-part rock opera sequel to Mellon Collie and Machina you should be allowed to immediately go back to bed.

Just ate a full-ass donut at 3:15 PM, if you're wondering how my week's gone.

Quitting twitter so I spend less time shitposting: bored winnie the pooh

Keeping a mastodon account solely for the purposes of shitposting: yes drake

Still never ever correctly shitposting: pam saying they're the same picture

I'm at the notch. I'm at the bloopy bloopity bubbly bloopdebloop. I'm at the combination notch and bloopy bloopity bubbly bloopdebloop.

Hey when I'm lying awake at 2 am wondering about my life decisions please remind me nobody made me pour myself this tasty 4 pm coffee

It's 2022 and A List Apart is still doing that shitty title banner bleed thing that makes my head hurt. God damn.

"Okay...what the hell was I going to do here," he asked himself, over and over again, until he died.

I was away from the laptop for four days and it looks like Gmail changed its design? Thanks, I hate it.

(Maybe the only reason to have a mastodon account is so I can drop the occasional shitpost thought that I truly can't otherwise shake?)

Unpopular web design opinion that is also the correct web design opinion: masonry layout sucks and is the worst.

If you just noticed a disturbance in the force, that was me, a computer professional, doing an "npm run dev" against the same project from two separate terminal windows.

Flew cross-country for a week, came back clean, landed back at work last week, where apparently everyone in the office is getting covid. This is fun. I am having fun. This is fine.

Shouting into the void: just realized the reason all the posts I'm pulling in to my 11ty site via Airtable are getting the same, wrong date, is because...they're picking up the created date of the file I'm using to generate the collection. Whoops.

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