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gee I would really like irc more if it supported message deletion by channel ops and/or the author

recently seen in some JS code

for(var i=0;i<1/0;i++)

what the HELL


parliament live stream

ian blackford: says something
fellow behind him: immediately jumps in with a very loud "ayy" but notices nobody around him joined in, and falls silent

sees a blog post titled "Apollo Mission: The Pros and Cons of Being an Early Adopter of New Technology"

so I'm gonna get an insightful blog post about the apollo missions, right? no, it's about some web technology. ugh

while writing a program that deals with trees:

tired: child
wired: kid

bp = compute_kids(p->right,format("%s(%s)", RIGHT_KID, sub), bp, idx);


tired: writing a compiler backend
wired: using LLVM and friends
inspired: reusing your frontend in your backend by converting the instruction selection problem to string matching (!!)

feels a bit weird that data formats like JSON and YAML have their own logos. To be fair JSON's is actually good-looking, but still

silly instance meta 

oh, since when do we suspend starrevolution?

you know when you make a list and then it degenerates to just one person's posts

holy crap you can glob in google searches

"foo * baz" searches for "foo", then any word, then "baz"

what are some IRC-like chat protocols that allow channel mods to delete messages?

a friend of mine shouts "incoming photons!" whenever they turn on the light

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