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beat someone with a streamer username (that is, "TTV_foobar_"), and was disappointed to discover they weren't actually streaming

I don't know what I hoped to gain from this

(rocket league for the curious)

18F sounds like the beginning of a Reddit post, not a US government agency

someone had a NASA shirt on today, but I thought it was a NIST shirt and was about to compliment them for it

...damn now I gotta get a NIST shirt

wikipedia dramahz 

just caught up on the R333 stuff over at WT:ACN

oh good god

@wikipedia your Commons "picture of the day" posts should really include the picture, preferably marked nsfw just in case

great pair of life hacks: when you know you ought to do something but aren't doing it, imagine either (a) you're a parent giving a child in your situation advice, or (b) you're playing a video game and the player character is in your situation

time to try these. thanks hn

Crowd-sourced post tagging, a fediverse feature request:

I really like this, actually, despite the abuse potential

ah, wikipedia

the proposal: put a "create an article!" link in the sidebar

the feedback: "Oppose, as this will result in more junk to delete."


(full quote, for fairness, although it doesn't make it any better: "Oppose as this will result in more junk to delete and therefore an increase in admin/reviewer workload (a department which is already badly understaffed). Agreed that improvements should be made to help newbies get involved, but this is not it.")

would anyone happen to know if using document fragments beats innerHTML for performance on desktop at the moment? I find the Internet's advice on this contradictory

another one from the department of bad ideas: Uber pool passengers should be able to rate each other

a beautiful take:

"dreams are awful! it's all lies and totally useless. nothing in them actually happened. gimme eight hours of nonfiction any day."

me: wikipedia bots are basically fine
wikipedia bot: $AssumeHTTPFailuresAreJustTimeoutsAndShouldBeSuppressed

cc @legoktm lol

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