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from a coworker, quoting a friend of theirs who thinks they're a good programmer: "Trust me I know what I'm doing, and I didn't have to go to school for it so it's more instinctual and accurate"

anyone get the sense that Ban Ki-moon was in the news much more than António Guterres? Didn't even know who Guterres was when I encountered his name in a Wikipedia article

none of my co-workers know who stallman or doctorow are

time to go and live in the woods

LB: old-coder-yells-at-cloud content, but I still liked it

it's really funny how, reading through early compilers history, so many problems were solved with "let's just make our own programming language for specifying this"

same thing today when people are like "let's just make our own npm lib for this", I guess

my text filters seem to have caught one of my own posts

not sure how to feel about this

mildly hypocritical?

oh, figured it out - my volume preferences for an audio process get reset when the process pauses for a bit, and going fullscreen causes a brief pause

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>go fullscreen while watching a video
>volume changes


y'know, one wonderful YouTube feature that I miss while watching anime on other sites is moving frame by frame - sometimes I appreciate the animation so much better that way

book recommendation: Do No Harm, by Henry Marsh. Memoir of a neurosurgeon. Hell of a page-turner; lots of insight; really, really well-written.

y'know, every time someone comments rm -rf / in an Internet discussion, someone else underneath is always like "don't forget --no-preserve-root". we probably shouldn't keep reminding people about that flag

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