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local coder creates infinite loop in javascript and freezes computer, news at 11

seriously, I feel like this shouldn't happen

IR generation considered difficult

or, local coder stares at screen for an hour and decides to just play piano instead

I'm pretty tired. Just typed "shower" as "shour"

>open plan office so loud, windows offers to enable dictation

inside you are two wolves. they're constantly z-fighting. watch them flicker.

lisp 1 had functions you call to speed up other functions, and I don't think it was in the usual sort of cache-warming way

e.g. "makcblr" (make car or cdr abler) sped up car or cdr somehow?

zip was originally pair; map, maplist

and find was originally search, which took a number of results to give (i.e. find the first N elements satisfying this function)

currently reading the original March 1960 LISP manual, expect toots

up first: apparently the MIT lab had a standardized card with extra close parens on the end, for "insurance"

Michabo v0.1 release 


(in the car sense) ("Ultimate Precision at Top Speed", 2:49)

@Manik in the unlikely event you haven't seen this already

local programmer tries some evil-looking type stuff in

(hashtags so the people who browse them have to look at this)

Allergy Season 1989
I am gesundheit
410,757,864,530 USED TISSUES

yo this is bananas

someone was like "yeah, model rocketry isn't cool enough. I'm gonna make mine do thrust vectoring" ("Channel Trailer - 2019", 1:48)

for the first time in my career I have a legitimate reason to edit a file in System32, and I feel like a true hacker

it's System32\drivers\etc\hosts for IP mapping, nothing too exciting

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