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I just had a build fail because of a "path too long" error on Windows

I am salty enough to crash the global salt market

>installing matlab
>unzipping: jquery 11

....even here?!

y'all ever get assigned a reading so meaty you immediately get up and go get a snack as soon as you see the page count

@amic followed at least in part for the flygon avatar tbh

@garfiald i was a huge "logic can do everything" dweeb and after we proved gödels incompleteness theorems in class i just went home and stared at the wall for a while

Grading homeworks. I present to you all the suspiciously recursive sequence:

suspiciously poorly-written sentence from an otherwise good essay:

"What the relativist also needs to maintain, however, is [...] to regard ourselves and others as having in some sense been getting at no more than these nonconflicting propositions all along."


someday I'll get annoyed enough that quite a few of the icons in the masto frontend don't have tooltips on hover that I'll learn React and start spamming PRs

@ben oh my goodness, I saw a Brilliant Paula Bean reference and followed instantly, then looked at your profile and realized that you're *a freakin' TDWTF admin*?!

Massive fan of TDWTF! In 2012ish, I started reading every story in reverse chronological order and finished a few months later. CodeSOD is my favorite category, although I really liked Alex's Soapbox because that got me into industry blogs, etc pretty eraly on. I frequently recite "What is Truth?" IRL with the same intro as the original.

after two hours of trying, I finally got my midi keyboard working


pro tip: FluidSynth doesn't work very well when there isn't a soundfont

a take: working in k dimensions for k > 3 suuuuuuucks

one of these days I'm gonna break the "close mastodon on {laptop,phone}" <-> "open mastodon on {laptop,phone}" cycle

but it won't be today

I really appreciate how emoticons aren't auto-replaced with emoji on here

tmbg lyrics are powerful because upon hearing most of them, I’m seized with the urge to go scream them from the nearest rooftop

Of course that exists. Very fascinating!

For example, according to this list, the 1st-gen/2nd-gen/etc terms for video games originally were coined by Wikipedia editors

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