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I dislike it when people assign keyboard shortcuts without thinking if they're actually practical to hit.

A repeat offender I use regularly: Alt+FN+Shift+F2, "close all tabs to the right" with a certain Firefox extension

AYYY it finally arrived

The new nerdiest item of clothing I own

cc @legoktm bc you have one

yo Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is so good

(currently playing through Blue)

Windows: Would you like to set up a PIN?
Me: presses "no"

Got a new laptop, gonna go for Arch instead of Ubuntu like last time

It'll be great

the art style for that new Pokemon movie is nightmare fuel, change my mind

even more neil cic... sorry ("Lemon Demon - The Only House That's Not On Fire (Yet)", 4:54)


wow, having a (MIDI) keyboard in your room is some good shit

"Britain's Largest Battery Is Actually A Lake", 4:55:

Awesome video on pumped storage hydropower!

when I was pretty young, I remember being all about the aesthetic of typing stuff at a command prompt and having stuff appear, is this weird

Every time a Taylor expansion is done and every term except the first is dropped I die a little on the inside

"Why you should proofread your error messages", or "How to split the infinitive *really* hard"

official tail-end-of-all-nighter song is now ("Neil Cicierega - The End", 3:32)

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