"report" is quite satisfying to type on a QWERTY keyboard

someone outside my window is blasting what can only be described as Irish nightcore


@iitalics @if this take immeasurably improved my life

@legoktm @magnusmanske Oh yeah, rust builds on toolforge are *ridiculously* slow. I've taken to just scp'ing binaries up (and, yes, hoping the ABIs match). I also don't know what causes the slowness, although I didn't investigate much.

I plan on deploying a Rust service in the next couple of weeks, actually (a backend for a userscript I'm writing), so I will definitely add my experiences to that Phab task - thanks for linking it!

Since when do we get sunlight at 8 PM? Good stuff. (I guess I don't look out the window that much.)

I've noticed that some YouTube videos now have individual tracks shown on the video progress bar. Pretty cool

spaceflight, event happening now 

They're doing some sort of mini press conference from the capsule; you can view it on NASA's stream.

haskell stuff 

@if it's like having notch join your minecraft server, which happened once in 2014 for me and it was so cool

oh wait, I mean haha weird how minecraft just appeared one day out of nowhere




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haskell stuff 

@if I also love posting the one where a troll entered the channel and the other channel members managed to convince the troll to start using Haskell, but too lazy to link it atm

haskell stuff 

@if haskell comedy

edwardk: @type (^.)
lambdabot: s -> Getting a s t a b -> a
byorgey: I would not like to be getting a stab, thank you

@variance that is a great reason for using capital I - I just said stuff that I would find relatable and it worked out! There ought to be more TMBGposters on the fediverse but I just can't seem to find that many

@variance knows much of xkcd by heart but doesn't keep up with it as much lately, also knows a bunch of TMBG's discography by heart, doesn't lowercase the pronoun "I" because it feels like overcommitting to the lowercase style and is gramatically suspect to boot, never gets aggressive in an airplane gate boarding line


Nichijou episode 14 is absolutely legendary. (Watched it for the first time today.) I am so happy that I exist in the same timeline as this episode. Words cannot convey how good it is. I urge you all to watch it ASAP (in-order with the rest of the episodes, of course).

@specter @IW Simplest ambiguity I could think of: "let x = 3 - 3;" with a linebreak after the first 3. If a semicolon is inserted at the end of the line, x is 3; if not, x is 0. Probably one could think of less silly examples with a bit more time

today I learned the international space station switched from windows to linux (debian) in 2013 for stability/reliability reasons

Space facts! The Canadarm2 (the International Space Station's robotic arm) can move around the outside of the station like a caterpillar by using attachment points on the station's exterior.

"Multiplication is like addition, but with more addition."

- James Mickens, The Night Watch, usenix.org/system/files/1311_0

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