@Spacedrake In most cases we probably should, and it should be added if it isn't already there

it'll either be in the box on the right, or the "External Links"

Really good recommendation this time:

"Soldier - The Most Unwanted Song [Audio + Score]" youtu.be/wUOkz0a42k8

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ah yes I love javascript bugs that show up around once every five reloads for no reason

global regex state in JS was a mistake

this post brought to you by "commenting out my logging statements broke everything"

AGDQ++++ Show more

your periodic reminder that leftoversalad.com/c/015_progra exists

An enjoyable contribution to the "programming languages as people" genre

tfw you start prepping some code for release, and discover yet another bug *after* you've disabled all of the logging

My life has taken a very dark turn recently. I have to localize a regular expression

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