@pounce yeah every time I add yet _another_ mut vec I get sadder

I happen to be standing near a room where someone's trying to learn the coltrane giant steps solo and it's a great time

should I put my alt for griping on the same instance as this account, or another instance? any recommendations, if the latter?

@nonphatic and just like that, the song started playing in my head

you know when you meet someone and they're nice irl but a *merciless* grader

what could they mean by this

(no caption in sight and no explanation in running text)

today I learned you can double right-click to get the normal browser right-click menu on YouTube

who would win:
a quiet lounge
someone chewing gum like they're paid by the decibel

@amiloradovsky this is for finding the largest common subexpression between a target expression and a list of expressions that have already been calculated

anyone have a good algo for finding the largest common subtree of two binary trees, where some children are ordered and some aren't

adhd, caps 

"What the Internet seems to do best is make commonly available enormously vast resources of misinformation that we never knew existed."

- 2005 talk by Charles Petzold, charlespetzold.com/etc/DoesVis (via HN)

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