I looked out the window and was very confused because the sky was still bright and I never do work this early

@gdkar brb writing all my code top-down then left-to-right

>in lounge
>motion-detector light goes off
>wave arms furiously at light
>no light
>get up and walk around, waving arms
>still no light
>sit there in darkness for ten minutes, working
>finally get fed up and stand up to leave
>light comes on


perfect grade on first control theory homework of the semester woot

...this trend has a low chance of continuing but I'm happy about the strong start

me and wasting hours because I forgot to multiply the second term when distributing over a sum: name a more iconic duo

@peptostate springs taste awful. the mountain variety aren't too bad, either, but pollen keeps getting in my mouth

sometimes songs sound better when I play them in my head instead of actually listening to them. I think this is a bit odd

@variance me too unfortunately

someday I'll find it

I suspect it involves me getting off this darn computer but that is absolutely unacceptable

@mdszy the absolute audacity of putting a tip jar in the profile of @garfsoles

@variance I wonder what extraordinary circumstances it'll finally take to make me actually go to sleep early when I say "today I'm going to sleep early"

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