paper word count requirement: 1200

my paper: 1337 words

I'm an actual god

Friends I've done it. Mastodex is now up! If you don't know what it is, Mastodex is a public listing of Mastodon users in which they are tied to a specific Pokémon of their choosing.

It's in early stages, I'm happy for others to play with it and for people to contribute if they want. It's licensed under the zlib license.

Some features:
- Translations for 4 languages (English, German, Italian, French)
- Clear way to claim your own Pokémon
- Responsive layout
- MissingNo

@variance design a similar one that can't be mistaken for it, but with the same aesthetic?

@nonphatic iconic example: "homicidal psycho jungle cat" is where I learned the first two words

@rocky1138 that part is fine, but I'd rather people not be able to make a log of which videos an IP has seen - "The Internet Movie Script Database"

wave goodbye to your free time

now THIS is epic

(exactly what it says on the tin: a visualization of orbital satellites, etc - VERY cool)

New bizarre place pi shows up: if you're tuning a controller and the output keeps going past the commanded value by x%, you can get the damping ratio (of the model) with sqrt((ln x)^2/(pi^2 +(ln x)^2))). Spooky.

(Where's the circle?? I don't even understand this one.)

funny videos about video game logistics Show more

@Skullservant I'm following you and would like to recommend @textfiles (Jason Scott), an archivist (although he posts infrequently, sadly)

My best recent LaTeX tip: not using braces around \frac params (or params in general, but I'm not there yet) and aliasing \frac to \f

That way I can say \f12 and it's just like \frac{1}{2}, or \f1x and \frac{1}{x}, or \f{x+1}2. Pretty useful in my opinion, although it kills code readability just a bit

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