@yisraeldov yeah, there's a "Filters" tab in the Preferences that lets you block certain words

@emsenn @codewiz My take on the Gab block: I don't think it's a slippery slope because Gab is in a class of its own with regards to failed moderation. It's like an open proxy (which Wikipedia will block on sight) or an open relay (which email servers historically blocked via circulated blacklists).

@emsenn @codewiz sup, just saw this on the ftl and figured I'd jump in

Wikipedia admin here; been editing since 2012. I can't say Wikipedia is entirely free of bias, but many editors are working very hard to recognize and fix biased articles. There is an entrenched class of administrators and other power users that occasionally slows down progress on this front, but overall progress is fine.

local coder creates infinite loop in javascript and freezes computer, news at 11

seriously, I feel like this shouldn't happen

@Galuade @queerzel ah, the rarely-seen SFW tag

I remember reading the Wikipedia article on "NFSW" in 2010ish and wondering when people would ever use that

@nonphatic relatable

I think I made it through the whole rust book several months before I actually wrote any

@Galuade wait that one actually looks great because the lugia's left wing perfectly frames the time

IR generation considered difficult

or, local coder stares at screen for an hour and decides to just play piano instead

@Galuade the mewtwo model in pogo gives me the big sad but the legendary birds are a-ok

I'm pretty tired. Just typed "shower" as "shour"

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