my current dilemma with Mastodon: I want to keep using the insurance I'm registered on (for obvious reasons), but want to peek into another instance's home feed, eg. add it as a separate tab. is there an easy way to do this?


With the app I'm using, Subway Tooter, you can do precisely this - open another instance using a "generic account" and view their feed:

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@danielhglus @gergolippai I installed Subway Tooter last night, then immediately uninstalled it. The UI is so fugly. But ... I didn't know it had that feature. Which is exactly what I need while footling around the fediverse looking for interesting follows, and getting the flavor of various instances.

Maybe I'll re-install it and just use it for that purpose. My daily driver is either going to be Tusky or Tootdon, probably the latter as it supports multiple accounts.

@gergolippai @cheesegrits Yeah, the theme could be a lot better by default. The app settings are very powerful: they practically let you change the background color and font for each part of the interface. I've submitted a pull request there in the past; maybe I'll work on a better default theme that matches, say, Tusky.

@danielhglus @gergolippai now I've reinstalled and played around a bit, it's got a lot of interesting features, highly customizable, and I'll definitely be using it for instance surfing. The anonymous feature is extremely useful. It was just that first impression turned me off.

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