it should be impossible for a website to be this good (shout-out to @ifixcoinops)

@danielhglus I really need to put the web address or at least the name of the game on that popup for when people screencap it :P

(it's, for the curious)

@ifixcoinops LOL, apologies, I really should've specified the website and don't know how it slipped my mind. Thanks for everything, especially that big thread about moderation.

@danielhglus @ifixcoinops aw man, I remember when I switched to a better browser and saw that message. transcendental.

@danielhglus @ifixcoinops wow this is truly excellent. I want to add one to my website, now!

@Hearth Improbable Island, made by Mastodon's very own ifixcoinops (tagged in my first post). I haven't played but it has to be good with features like this.

@danielhglus @ifixcoinops

I go one better ;-)

(partial translation:)

"You don't use an adblocker?!

Honestly, that's a bad idea. The internet is dying from ads, trackers, SEO crap and obnoxious suits who want to make money off your data. Yes, I know most of you will think to yourselves "so what, it's always been this way, what are you going to do about it"... but the truth is that it just *hasn't* always been this way, and it's high time to fight back.


@danielhglus @ifixcoinops An ad blocker isn't about sticking it to the man, its about your privacy and right to freedom of choice to control what you view and allow onto your computer network.

@ifixcoinops @danielhglus I see your point and frustration, though that doesn't create positive mutal respect.

@danielhglus @ifixcoinops this is absolutely legendary behavior that should not be ignored. Amazing!

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