i ran through the rust “getting started” page (rust-lang.org/learn/get-starte). it's a hello-world project that has the rust crab mascot say hello, and consists of 10 lines of code actually written.

it results in pulling in 25 separate dependencies totalling up to 97 megabytes.

for reference the entire cowsay source is 168 lines/4 kilobytes of perl.


@nytpu more on the ferris-says library's authors; clap is arg parsing, which shouldn't be pulled in because we're just using it as a library, not a command-line program; error-chain is a convenience thing for error types and could easily be gotten rid of (which pulls in a bunch of stuff), smallvec is tiny, textwrap seems like a fine dependency (who wants to reimplement all that junk), and unicode-width is self-explanatory.

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