@danielhglus it claims Boring doesn't exist, but there are at least 3 Borings

@ben maybe there's a population limit or they're using weird data; I got cities ("cities") as small as 222 and 319

@danielhglus iafisher.com/projects/cities/u

That was incredibly fun, but I started getting frustrated around 75. You can pretty much tell where I live based on my biggest cluster of dots.

@legoktm @danielhglus

I concur, a lot of fun indeed!


- 8/9 biggest cities.
- 10/50 capitals. I didn't know these as capitals, though.
- 23/50 states, of which 10 I've visited.
- most cities entered (31/61) in one state: California. You can tell where I've spent most of my time (and used public transport enough to remember common stops and terminus).

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