I asked a Wikipedia IRC channel for thoughts on starting a Mastodon instance. I got some interesting responses, and I was wondering how you all would respond to these questions. I added my thoughts, too.

"How is [Mastodon] useful for Wikipedia?"
Well, how's it useful for MIT? (cc @gdkar

"Isn't [Mastodon] just the original usenet?"

"Isn't [Mastodon] just Discord/Slack?"
(I might have overemphasized how different instances have different themes)

cc @saper, @Gargron, @mareklach, @eloquence from last time

masto dot mit 


I think Mastodon is most potentially useful for Wikimedians engaged in organizing work like meetups, conferences, competitions, relationships with external orgs. It could also be useful for some WikiProjects that want to socialize a bit beyond the online work.

Basically, what Facebook groups like or and Twitter hashtags like #WikiLovesMonuments are used for currently.

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