Thinking of proposing that the WMF host a Mastodon instance, or at least allow one to be hosted. Maybe Thoughts?

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oops, forgot @eloquence @quiddity @harej @reedy

(can't believe we have this many editors/WMF people on the fediverse)

Update that I did propose this at WP:VPIL, so we'll see how that goes. (Don't go in & support it just because you read it here - that would make this post canvassing!)


Not much involved with Wikimedia stuff these days, but of course highly supportive of giving it a spin. :) OAuth integration w/ Wikimedia logins might be a blocker (you probably want to limit it to the Wikimedia-verse and make logins really easy).

social.* tends to be a commonly used prefix. Even if you ultimately standardize on different software, it could still live on that subdomain.

@eloquence Using Wikipedia OAuth logins is a very good idea, although I don't think the software supports using external OAuth providers. I also like the idea of the social.* prefix, and will bring that up in my post.

@danielhglus @brion @legoktm Heey, a brilliant thought. I'd definitely be interested in seeing whether they are open to such a thing at all.

@danielhglus @brion @legoktm I was just thinking about this today. I know someone who knows Jimmy Wales...

@Gargron Thanks for the idea! I read your post and thought "wow, that could actually happen for Wikimedia". Very excited to see what happens with this

@danielhglus So what are the next steps? Are you going to be proposing it? Who to? How can I help?

@Gargron I've floated it on the English Wikipedia page devoted to incubating new ideas, to get a feel for how the community thinks about it. (Of course the other projects would also use it; this is just a first step.)

Based on that feedback, I'll take it to the wiki coordinating all WMF projects and see how that goes. The WMF will eventually make the decision about whether to perform this (unprecedented!) subdomain assignment.

(continued in second reply)

(continuation of prev. toot)

I'm not sure how everyone here can help - it's essential to avoid canvassing, though. A bunch of Mastodon users who've never edited participating in the conversation over there probably wouldn't go very well.

(Jimmy Wales isn't extremely involved in the project any more, although his talk page is very active.)

Not to inject negativity into this discussion, of course - it's just that the community is sometimes a bit suspicious of new things with no obvious benefit.

@danielhglus @Gargron
I think we should file a phabricator task/project at

I'd suggest something about "Ways to integrate with federated social networks"

I am not sure that a separate instance is the best idea, but this should definitely be considered.

@saper I like that idea! Feeds from Wikimedia Commons sounds like an especially good use case.

@Gargron @danielhglus I don't think they'll go for it, and even if they did, an "official" instance wouldn't necessarily grow better than an unofficial one, given the decentralised nature of the community. You could just set one up and start publicising it.

@saper excellent... there may be a few old tasks in the system with ideas from the statusnet days. Probably worth cleaning those up, I might take a look through later.

@brion oh I forgot about it... just searched for fediverse, federated, mastodon...

added some for

@danielhglus @Gargron @brion @legoktm there are many ways that Wikimedia might integrate with the federated network. First simple steps are possible as suggested by @Dereckson - like publishing of Wikimedia Commons curated feeds.

I wish a better integration with MediaWiki were possible and maybe even the federated network could replace talk pages...!

@saper @danielhglus @Gargron @brion @legoktm @Dereckson Hi! About Wikimedia and the Fediverse, I left some thoughts at

I have learned about this thread at wikimedia-l. Good!

@quimgil @danielhglus @Gargron @brion @legoktm @Dereckson Thank you! Looks like the topic gained certain level of prominence.

I think regarding our Wikimedia instance it would make sense really only for the Foundation staff (similar what MIT, ThoughtWorks did etc.) - this way all the points from your email would have been addressed. However, that is not that kind of integration that we want and it could have an adverse effect on the community (closed wiki syndromme).

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